what is a good eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow compare

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By Tifanny

what is a good eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow compare!


Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow in Shag

Review by lipstik: I'm not really crazy about this colour, a metallic rose tinged with violet. It looks pretty but wears like something straight out of the '80's. Like I've done with all the UD cream shadows I can't wear as shadows, I've started using Shag as a liner. I'm still not wild about the colour, and to be honest it looks a little weird as a liner, but it does last all day. This isn't one I'd buy again, though.

Review by dxgirly: I bought this as an afterthought in order to raise my total above the 75 at Sephora. I'm glad I did for it was a pleasant surprise!
The color is great(but hard to explain)! It is a metallicy, frosty, rosy color that flashes differently in different light. It has a little silver glitter in it but not much. On me, it didn't take that long to dry and once it did, it was hard to budge. The application is easy w/ either the wand or a finger. I'm already planning my next shades.

Review by Suzy_h: i LOVE this! i have rather oily eyelids, so i was expecting this cream eyeshadow to crease like nobody's business...but it lasted for 12 hours without a crease! i was in shock! the color's great...kind of mauve-ish. really nice, only a touch of inconspicuous silver microglitter. i would definitely buy this again.

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NYX Ultra Pearl Mania- Lime Pearl

Review by auth: I actually like this color paired with mocha pearl. It loos really hot with dark eyes. At first glance it looks like an ugly green color but after applying this you will love it. Give it a try. :o )

Review by oopsygirl: This pigment is great! It is finely milled and it pearly! This color is lime green with a yellow-y gold sheen! Great inner corner, use it to add shine to another matte or satin green (or any other color for that matter!) even a subtle wash of color on the lid, over the crease color or a funky new twist to your highlight color.
However I don't like the container it comes in but it like 1-2 so not bad, I put all my UPMs in 3gram jars I bought on ebay and just refill when I need too, which by the way, I believe they will last me a super long time becuase a little goes a long way!
Another thing you can do it just tap (carefully) onto a pallet or paper plate or something like that to get it on your brush :)

Review by Jessimau: Gorgeous green!! I like wearing this alone with winged eyeliner or adding it to other colours for something funky. Like all my NYX pigments I find this one lasts all day long when used with TFSI....no creasing or fading at all!
The only reason why I didn't give this a 5 was the packaging. Its hard to work with having to spill some out in a tissue or on the back of your hand to use it. The cap/cover doesn't allow you to pour into it and use it that way. I had to get a 7 day pill case to pour all my NYX pigments into and that is working perfect for me (try it!!!)

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Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quad Murano

Review by Pinki: If you are a fan of greens, you will love this. The greens have a more aqua tone, and it really lives up to it's inspiration of Venice. I see this quad as the more grown-up version of Garden Party, from Fall 2007. The rose is very sheer, and it is very easy to overdo it with the deepest green. I am a huge fan because it is nice to see a green that has an aqua cast as opposed to yellow or deep blue.

Review by SisleyAus: I don't know why I waited so long to buy this. This is an amazing set of colors. I use it for a smokey eye look. The darkest color is a black with golden green shimmer. There is a pink shade, a medium to light gray and a white gray. I love the smokey eye look but sometimes 'matte black' is to much and dramatic. This set is unbelievable for the smokey look that has the same effect but most as hard. I can't say enough about how pretty the colors are. I think this would work for almost all cool toned gals and neutral enough to work for warmer tones as well. The individual colors alone are nice, making this a set you would reach for more so then others.

Review by AutumnBliss: This is the new quad for Fall 2009. It has four gorgeous shades. First, the descriptions:
The darkest is a deep smoky green, with a bit of teal in it. Great for lining and smoky eyes
The mid shade is a gorgeous mid-tone greenish grey, slightly shimmery.
Next is a pink with a tiny hint of peach and this one has flat out sparkles. Watch for fallout.
The lightest is a pale minty shimmery green.
I am thrilled with this palette because Chanel rarely has Cool-toned quads. It has the usual long-lasting formula and great texture. Applicators are passable and packaging is classic.

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