what is a good eyeshadow?3 best eyeshadows

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By Vicky

what is a good eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadows !


Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Trio in Golden Sunset

Review by julie9536: Another great trio from CG! Looks beautiful with blue eyes! Great pigments, little to no fallout.

Review by mz654: Colors in trio: Morning cocoa - a very warm, shimmery sepia
Golden Sunrise - shimmery orange/peach
First Light - gorgeous shimmery white-gold
Anyone who has Autumn coloring or red hair/ highlights would look good in these colors. They look nice next to my greenish-hazel eyes. My favorite is the gold color, but the orange is very pretty too if applied right. I think these colors could look garish if put on too generously, but with a light touch, they blend together beautifully.

Review by Caligirl42990: i bought this product at target for sale.i'd say i like it alot. i really like these colors!

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MAC Nocturnelle Eyeshadow

Review by Ellz: this is a nice, dark, frosty purple that every girl i think should try. i do agree with using a base because it will look like you have a bruise or something on your eye. i have brown eyes and it really makes my brown eyes POP! i also like to use this a liner...i'll usually line my top [outer] lid with black liner and then dust some of this on top with a 266 so it gives my liner a blackish-purple look - and it helps the liner from smudging on my ridiculously oily-lids.

Review by scrapdoll: This really is a beautiful shimmery deep purple (not violet) shade. Too bad I kind of dislike it based on its texture alone! For me, this seems to be one of the bad seeds of MAC?s e/s selection because every time I?ve worn this shade I?ve had to repeatedly pack it on my lids to ensure I receive the color payoff I?m looking for. Even on the back of my hand, this color is a bit grainier than most MAC e/s and requires extra attention in order to smooth it out. Maybe I just got one out of a bad batch? I bought this as part of the Chromozone 2 palette, so I?m not too upset. But if I would ever re-purchased this shade by itself? Nope, probably not.

Review by bebejacket: This shadow looks *fantastic* on my dark brown eyes. It's a plum with pink-fuschia touches that makes an outstanding smoky eye. Lookes wonderful paired with a gold-toned e/s, like MAC Nylon. This one isn't so plum that I can't wear it with tons of other colors. It has a smooth, blendable formula and the color just doesn't fade. Versatile and lovely.

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NYX Cork

Review by aml1: Perfect neutral warm brown with a little shimmer. A nice low-maintenance eye look as a wash of color + browbone highlight. For 3? This is going to be a staple in my makeup bag.

Review by francesca39: Before I reviewed Cork, I did a side-by-side comparison of Cork and Golden Dune on my hand and they are almost the same. The only difference is that Cork has a slightly pink tinge vs. golden.

I wear this rarely, and when I do I wear it, it's only as an all-over color wash. If I feel like adding color to my crease, I use Root Beer. This shadow is just okay, nothing special. Doubtful that I will buy this again, because I won't finish the container...

Review by ciarar: Very pretty shimmery antique gold bronze on me, this shade makes the gold and green in my hazel eyes pop nicely. Overall this is a very good quality eyeshadow though it does have a bit of fallout while applying. Nothing that a brush won't swipe away. A little goes a long way and the lasting power is great. Would repurchase...

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