what is a good eyeliner?3 recommended eyeliner reviews

By Vicky

what is a good eyeliner?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeliner reviews!


Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Rose Quartz

Review by aguskl: I love this color and it's a good eyeliner for me. It's a very subtle light rosy-taupe with a just right amount of shimmer on me. It stays in place, never crease or smudge. I do appreciate this as the texture is so creamy and easy to apply. However, I do find how often I need to sharpen this pencil - over 1.5" in a month! The speed I'm running out of it makes it a pricy product while my dior last over 1.5 year. I would definitely buy this again but sadly it's no longer available :\

Review by francesca39: I found this at Marshalls for 2.99 so i grabbed it. What a surprise product this has been. Its actually one of the best inner corner highlighters i have ever used. I am an NC30 light olive complexion and this looks more natural in the inner corners than anything else i have tried. I also tried this as a regular liner and it is a little too light around the eyes unless i line the inner rims in black. Its a shimmery soft taupe with a hint of champagne pale pink to it. Lasts okay, not too long but not too short either. Kinda average for a kajal liner. Overall, i am glad i picked this up!

Review by bekkbekk1985: Bought this on impulse during a Stila sale this spring and it has been one of the best purchases I've made this year! This is a pale, rosy taupe color, and goes on like a dream. As others have mentioned, it's kind of light for an upper liner, but it is still visible. As an undereye liner, however, it's fantastic! I've found I can't use dark colors under my eyes, so this has been perfect for a doing an understated smoky eye. Would repurchase again if I ever needed to. (NW15 for ref.)

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Kiss Me heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner BK 01

Review by pulidobl: I have purchased this product multiple times, a few of us use this product now, and I use it almost daily. It's a fine tipped firm brush that leaves a perfectly skinny line, I have not problem with getting it opaque on the first try, it lasts all day long and I've not had a problem with smudging or running. Comes off easily when I wash my face, I don't need to use an oil based make up remover to remove this but I do for Heroine Kiss Me mascara.

Review by pinkiiish: I really like felt tip liquid eyeliners and wanted to try something different since my previous one clogs up every now and then making application patchy.

I took the plunge and bought this as it was relatively cheap at 65HKD per pen. This is becoming a fast favourite as the ink flows really smoothly making application so quick and easy. It's also quite black which I like very much. This also didn't smudge with my oily hooded eye lids which is a big plus since I tend to just use eyeliner for work and no eye shadow (so nothing to set the liner). This is also water resistant although tearing up a bit does fade it a bit.

I use cleansing oil to takes it off my make up and the eyeliner gets removed with ease.
Over all I'm loving this eyeliner, not only is it cheap but its quick and easy to use. The ink flows easily and doesn't get clogged or leak out of the pen =]

Review by ninanina: I generally don't like liquid eyeliner. I can barely draw a straight line on paper, let alone on my eyelid! I had seen good reviews of this eyeliner online, so when I was in Taiwan I decided to buy it since it was cheap, and I wasn't disappointed. It's very easy to apply, goes on nice and smooth, and dries quickly. It lasts for quite a long time without smudging as well, but isn't too hard to remove either. Although I still tend to use my kohl eyeliners more, this is good for a simple look or when I need a wing tip look, etc.

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TiGi Big Fat Fun Eye Pencils

Review by cosmokid: I have this in blue.It is a dark royal blue color with sparkles. Its highly pigmented, and transfers effortlessly onto the skin. There is no tugging or pulling at all. It smudges great too, and stays on the waterline.I think that it may be a little too creamy and that it tends to smudge too easily.

Review by blueaygi: So basically this is the best eyeliner ever.. it glides on so smoothly and stays on for the whole day and i mean the whole entire day. I wore it to a party from the noon till midnight without reapplying and it hadnt budged (it was 80 degrees out). Ive always had a problem with running eyeliner but product literally sticks, yet it comes off easily in the shower with cleanser. The best part is the variety of colors i got it in the blue and im definatly going to try the others.

Review by jlinh2u: 5 stars, but i wish it was self-sharpening because im constantly losing my sharpener LOL
LOVE LOVE LOVE this liner, it goes on superblack (which i LOVE)
and doesnt smear or anything! especially great for a smokey look!

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