what is a good eyeliner?3 effective eyeliners

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By Sara

what is a good eyeliner?Let's see the 3 effective eyeliners !


Laura Mercier Eye Pencil - Black Extreme

Review by dontblink15: Even though so many people talk about LM being expensive and, eyeliners being something you can scrimp on, this is a good buy. It is easy on the eyes and the color is intense. Lasts long and does not smear.

Review by maribebe: I love this black eyeliner! Alot of pencils just do not last all day for me, but this one definitely does. I get such a nice precise line w/ this product and barely need to retouch it at all throughout the day.

Review by blacklittlepig: Great liner, not as silky as others but that lends it to actually staying on my eyes during the 95+ degree heat, as well as on a run. very black too. Not waxy, unlike other lower end lines, which perhaps is why this applies in such a flawless, hevily pigmented line and stays. Love that it's not the ultra-thick, goopy formula of cream/gel liners and waterproof pencils, which always look too weighty. Smudges nicely and then stays put, giving the "cleanest" of smoky pencils I've tried. Would certainly repurchase.

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Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner in Deep Aubergine

Review by bekkbekk1985: I compared this to Bobbi Brown and Stila's in terms of wear. This definitely wears longer and needs a little more effort in removing. Compared to its counterparts, its smoother in texture and quick drying. This is in a tad tinier bottle than both. The Deep Aubergine is a plummy brown grey, the best I can describe, so its very universal. I think this is 16 retail.

Review by mielr: I can't remember what color I tried with this - either a dark brown or black. HATED it. It flaked off my eyes instantly. It was hard to apply because it dried up in the pot so quickly - I want to say within a few weeks/one month it cracked and dried, and it was purchased from a Neiman Marcus. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner (while not perfect) are far better.
Also, I tried this as my first gel eyeliner b/c Trish's triple pigmented eyeliner power was the first powder-eyeliner that I ever used, and I loooved. I think I still have my original one from 10 years ago - just never used it up or threw it out. I like lots of her other stuff, but this is terrible.

Review by marsqurine: This came in the TM mint petite planner set for summer, along with two lipsticks, a face blender brush and a lip liner. This gel eyeliner is decent in staying power and the color is nice, very similar to Bobbi Brown's Black Plum Ink, just a tad lighter in tone. It's a dark brownish gray, with very little red in it. Overall a good product, although I prefer BB for its ease of application, the TM eyeliner dries faster than BB's and doesn't seem to be as smooth in consistency. Still recommend.

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Eyeliner in Midnight Blue

Review by JT14: I love this color. It's a dark blue with gold flecks in it that looks great with my olive skin. It goes on smoothly. This performs just as well as any other long-wearing eyeliner, which means it smudges after a few hours on my oily skin. I love the colors in this line and will purchase one or two more. However, the gold standard for long-wearing pencil eyeliners continues to be Urban Decay 24/7. They last all day, even on the heat. I recommend this product for color, consistency and because it isn't Estee Lauder's fault I have oily skin. (17.50 USD)

Review by omegakitty: I love this eyeliner - it is the best long wearing eyeliner I've ever used and I live in sunny, hot, humid Florida!

Review by kit_kat68: Great pigmentation, smooth application, no smear (in fact, if you want to smoke it out, you have to be quick, because it sets and does not budge!), no flaking. Stays well on the waterline, it does fade after several hours but what doesn't on the waterline. The colour is very elegant, a good alternative to black if you want sultry but with a pop of colour. Expensive yes, but you pay for this quality.

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