what is a good eye treatment?3 best eye treatment

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By Elena

what is a good eye treatment?Let's see the 3 best eye treatment !


DDF Bio-molecular Firming Eye Serum

Review by sophie_tan: I can't believe it, an eye treatment that actually seems to do something for my fine lines! I've been using this every morning for the past 2 months and I have seen a slight decrease in the appearance of the lines around and under my eyes. Granted, when I say "slight" I really mean tiny, but there definitely is a bit of improvement. Plus overall the undereye area seems fresher and tighter. I don't think it's rich enough for a night treatment as it's very light in texture (if you want to use it at night, layer a heavier cream over it for moisture), but for a morning serum it's great - it doesn't flake up under concealer or greasily slide down my face. Since I didn't see a huge improvement I'll continue trying other eye products for nighttime, but for now I'm sticking with this for my morning regimen.

Review by ckgurl714: Excellent eye cream. It is very light and works almost immediately. I use it a.m. bcs it is not heavy enough for overnight moisturizing. Also, I found that it works better on top of Phylosophy Eye Believe.

Review by quantumkitten: I received this as a sample from Sephora. Ihave been using this for a week now. And i must say i did a double take i couldnt believe the fine line were so diminished. I tried 100% pure eye coffe and i have not seen a difference like i saw with this stuff..

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Cellex-C GLA Eye Balm

Review by pinkiiish: i dont expect much from eye creams. i am predisposed to dark circles and puffiness. I use a retinol and lots of Glycolic on my face, as well as BHA, so the skin at the delicate eye and nose area can get overy dry or fragile. I got a large smaple, and thought it seemd OK, and I decided to get a full size. It packs intense moisture, yet even though it goes on with a feeling of heaviness, it manages to not be greasy. I can slap on concealer almsot immediately. It gives great hydration w/o some of the problems I have experienced from other eye products (shishedo Benifiance, though very moisturizing, it's greasy and tends to block pores and casue milia!). I notice a tiny bit of firming, but it wont really do much for deep lines though ti helps smooth fine ones.
I would buy this again and rec it for anyone and any age who wants good moisture but is looking mostly for that only.

Review by kimmie578: Great product for dehydrated eye area. I use this when I'm using a treatment that creates dryness, or I'm dehydrated, and it creates a nice smooth surface. This is a daytime moisture option...too rich and emollient to wear while sleeping (can create bags, puffiness.) The packaging comes in a glass container, with a screw off lid...I'd prefer a squeeze tube for hygeine purposes; however, I guess you can use every last bit with the packaging. Overall, satisfied with the hydrating properties. FYI, not a treatment option, so don't expect any miracles--just hydration.

Review by Vaniessa: My fine lines have diminished very very slightly but it has good moisturising and hydrating properties. No milia/irritation to the eyes/skin. It does leave the skin under my eyes feeling rather sticky so I can't apply eye makeup. However I will buy it again!

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Kiehls Ultra Moisturizing Eye Stick SPF 30

Review by blueaygi: The stick is great for even application, and the product doesn't cause makeup to smear.

Review by scrapdoll: This is a MUST HAVE product. It is the best undereye moisturizer and SPF in the WHOLE WORLD! I put it on after my morning shower and about 5 minutes before makeup, and it has been a GODSEND. I really could not love this more! The SPF does NOT sting my eyes...and as a former lifeguard I can attest to eye stinging SPF, ha ha....and it seems to be working...I'm 41 and have no wrinkes. I FREAK out when this is starting to run out, and run to the store and have another on hand.
Kiehls, if you are listening.....PLEASE put an expiration date on this item!
Girls, go out and buy one of these....you'll LOVE IT!!

Review by leeyao: I like many reviewers became really obsessed with wearing sunscreen and thought that I had found my HG in kiehls' moisturising eye stick with spf 30. Wrong.
When I put it on, it really just sits like a shiny layer on top of my eyelids and undereyes - Just like as if I swiped some vaseline on them. This makes it useless to wear during the day if I want to go out and wear make up on top because it becomes to oily and you really just cant put make up on top of it. I'm still looking for the HG everyday SPF eyecream... it seems like natura bisse has one but its a bit more expensive...

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