what is a good body skin care?3 recommended body skin care

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By Marcella

what is a good body skin care?Let's see the 3 recommended body skin care !


Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sandalwood Rose (whole line)

Review by misswillow: Just got a bottle of the shower gel/body wash in this scent (it was on sale for 5 during the semi annual sale) and I love it! Nice and clean in a different way, hard to describe...after my shower I got to work and I could certainly smell the sandalwood, but I don't smell rose instead I smell more of a soft vanilla note, so it must be my body chemistry. Either way I love it, and the other scents in the Relax line. Will repurchase one sale...not so sure I love it enough to spend 13 on it though.

Review by catlover9_9: I have the lotion up for swap for this scent. I love it, but I like having the whole line of a scent if I'm going to use it. I like to layer. And the fact that we stopped carrying it makes it kinda hard for me. The smell is wonderful, though. Didn't know I would like the lotion so much, but I did.

Review by tetrakis: I also love this product, smells so great! It reminds me of the smell of a luxury gel soap from a hotel I stayed a few years back. I have the body wash and the travel candle, I want to get other stuff too but my local BBW didn't have the pulse point therapy or the essential oil master blend in this scent. I only use this product on the weekends since I cannot really fit them into my daily routine (I'm using Awake body wash in the morning and Sleep body wash before bed). The packaging is really great too, really cute and stylish. Love it!

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Darphin Seaweed Aromatic Bath Gel

Review by Newme: i love this one helped me so much helps me so much using it changed my life i searched for very good very high quality bodycare with seaweed etc thalasso extracts first time in my life first thing in my life since i was first time on the beach this gel changed i think my body how my body contours are look like :D tightening my skin and body smelling very good and clean looking body glowing and light i love this seaweed aromatic bath gel. i love seaweed and thalasso ingredients algue etc.

Review by marsqurine: I agree that the price of this shower gel is out of this world but...... I will buy it over and over and over again. It is my all time favorite shower gel - it has the cleanest, freshest smell and I must have it! I pair this with Darphin's Beauty Body Spray which has the same scent and I'm set to go.

Review by cperry: Lovely scent of Darphin and gorgeous blue color. I like this shower gel - there's nothing to dislike about it. Does not dry out your skin, leaves you feeling clean and freshly scented. However, it is much too expensive for the job that it does, which can be done much cheaper for an equally clean and fresh smelling experience.

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Collective Wellbeing Collective Wellbeing Body Wash Active Charcoal Zinc

Review by shopgirl087: I keep going back to this body wash - it lathers without SLS and I love the scent - somewhat citrusy. My husband keeps using this so I'm going to buy him his own bottle! It's black color surprised me but it hasn't stained any of my towels.

Review by isabellet: 12 for 8.5 oz. dark gray almost black colored thick gel. bought this because i've been breaking out on my back and chest the last couple of months. i suspect it is the pangea organics soap that i've been using. i've been using this for almost two weeks now and love it! it does not leave a smell, leaves my skin feeling clean and moist. no itchies after washing - i don't have to rush to apply moisturizer. breakouts are gone and my skin feels great!

Review by mashafromrussia: this stuff rocks!!! not only does it detoxify your skin, it makes it so soft and radiant! I bought this because i know that Charcoal draws out impurities and my body has always responded to charcoal well. It has a really pleasant and relaxing smell too! I wash my face with it from time to time and my face really glows and just feels clean and good afterwords! I'm sold on it and will buy more as soon as I'm out!

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