what is a good body lotion?3 effective body lotion

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what is a good body lotion?Let's see the 3 effective body lotion !


Elizabeth Arden Britney Spears Fantasy Body Souffle

Review by zhenya: I like this a lot. It's soft and silky and adheres well to the skin, and of course layers the beautiful Fantasy scent, and helps it last all day.

Review by didion0312: I love this! It smells really good and it really moisturizes your skin. It doesn't take too long for it to absorb either.

Review by srobinb: The scent is so much prettier than the Fantasy perfume! A gorgeous fruity scent that subtly lingers for about two hours.
The texture of the cream feels rich when it rubs in, then when it dries it feels as though a heavy tacky cream is sitting on top of my skin, and it actually makes my skin feels drier than before. I had 2 of these and both of the hinges of the lids snapped off soon after starting the tube so grrr for that. Shame its so drying on its own. It smelt really good.

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Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

Review by meeshmu: Great to use on freshly shaven legs or on my face after I've been swimming and it's REALLY dry. Moisturizes and has no smell. I sometimes add it to other body lotions, face lotions or sunscreen if I want it with a little more moisture.

Review by isabellet: WIN! I didn't want to like this, because silicones creep me out... but this has really helped my pathetic dry itchy winter skin. I use a rinse-off body conditioner in the shower and this seals in all of that moisture. No random eczema spots, no itching. fragrance free, too! Love.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I was having a problem with my legs being very dry and itchy as well as my elbows and I couldn't find anything that would help. I decided to cave in and try this lotion and it was a God send! My legs had been getting so itchy that I would scratch them until they would bleed. It was bizarre and had never happened to me. Since I have been using this lotion my legs do not itch at all. This lotion is now part of my daily beauty regimen.

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Aveeno Positively Nourishing- Refreshing 24 Hour Moisturizer

Review by laurilauri: i love this stuff. i have it in pomegranate and rosemary, and the smell of very clean and invigorating, and lingers a little bit (in a good way). it was a bit pricy (11) where i live, but i don't really mind because i really like it. it's moisturizing, but not necessarily for 24 hours - i feel the need to reapply after about 1 hour.

Review by runty: So far so good. I wasn't sure about buying this because I hated the other Aveeno lotions. I have this one in the Grapefruit+Rosemary fragrance and I really like it. It isn't that noticeable and it makes my skin very smooth. Smells very clean too, which I love.

Review by miss_mac: This is my first Aveeno product and I totally love it! The scent is great and the lotion itself moisturizes my skin perfectly and leaves it supersoft. One of the best body lotions I EVER puchased! Will definitely repurchase:-).

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