what is a good body lotion?3 effective body lotion reviews

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what is a good body lotion?Let's see the 3 effective body lotion reviews!


Boots Mediterranean Milk, Almond and Pistachio Body Butter

Review by srobinb: I love this, the scent is wonderful. It smells kind of powdery in the tub, but smells nice on (almondish). Makes your skin soft and silky, without being greasy, sticky, or oily. It contains organic almond oil, pistachio oil, and milk extract (among other things). It's about 9.99 for 6.6 fl oz. , which I think is a bit expensive for being a drugstore brand (especially since the tub is just cheap old plastic), but the product itself is worth it.

Review by Bonnie2842: I am in love with this stuff. The smell!! Oh the smell!!! I usually hate anything that has a fragrance, but this stuff is heavenly!! It is thick and creamy, but does not leave your skin over-moisturized. I am on my 4th tub of it. HIGHLY recommended!! I just wish they had matching soap, etc.

Review by ciarar: I really liked the texture of this body butter. It is rich enough to feel moisturizing, but is not too heavy and sinks in well. My skin is not especially dry and I greatly prefer this Boots butter to the ones I have tried from Bath and Body Works.
The scent is very nice - pleasant and calm.
I only have used a sample size that came with a set, but as soon as I use up my Bath and Body Works' butters I plan on purchasing a full size of this.
This may seem expensive compared to other drugstore products, but the price is comparable to similar quality body butters.

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Jergens Ash Relief Lotion

Review by oopsygirl: Those of you who know me know that I'm not black and may be wondering why in the heck a butt-white girl like me would have this product. Well, let me tell you -- I look after my girlfriends (they come to me for makeup and product advice). I read about this new lotion in Lucky, picked some up for them (cheap!) and had them test-run it for a couple of weeks. They all LOVE it and want to know where I got it (Target) so they can get more. This product is contains ingredients to specifically target (no pun intended) the causes of ashiness -- contains BHAs to exfoliate and cocoa and shea butter moisturizers. My friends say it works, they like the scent and texture, and it does not make them shiny either. Yay! Points for me!

Review by mashafromrussia: didn't like this very much. it didn't leave my skin feeling soft or moisturized! this lotion really did nothing for me.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Well, I do have dark skin and have battled ash my entire life. NOTHING works like this lotion. Sure, if I slathered on pure Vaseline or cocoa butter, I wouldn't have an ash problem, but I'd be an oil slick! This is my HG lotion, and the only bottle I have ever used up. I will buy forever.

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Alba Botanica Un-petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly

Review by quantumkitten: I am so glad Alba came up with this. It's a great alternative to Vaseline and Aquafor, which seal off your skin from moisture. I used Vaseline for months and months on my cuticles because there was nothing as cheap and effective. And then I found this. Much better. It's the exact same look, smell, consistency, everything as Vaseline, but oh-so-much-better. I use this on my cuticles and sometimes mix it with my hand lotion. I don't like this is a lip product (and it isn't marketed as such) because it feels a little wet and greasy, but it's still a wonderful alternative. The only downside is that I think it's a little pricey for the ingredients (around 6 for 3.5 oz), but I don't think this gets used up too fast.

Review by blyss: This is like Vaseline but made with natural ingredients. Lots of oils in it (another reviewer lists the ingredients below) and I agree, it is a thinner consistency than Vaseline. The same results though, so if you use petroleum products for different uses, this is the natural alternative.

Definitely helps with chapped lips, dry hands or extremities. The only store I could find this at was the nearest Whole Foods. Price was reasonable: around the 6 range and I'd definitely purchase again, more for the fall and winter months and for use at the office.

Review by Alexis: Great alternative to petroleum. this is a bit thicker and harder to spread, but I think it lasts longer. I use this on my lips, eyes ~DOESNT STING LIKE VASELINE~, legs for strechmarks, hands for heavy duty cream. Can use it ANYWEAR, great to carry in purse for the winter.
Great as a chaptstick/lip balm/ lipgloss. Can mix minerals in with it to get color. I would like this in smaller tubes to easily apply on my lips though!
However it still should not be eaten because of the hydrogenated oil, but small amounts dont hurt.

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