what is a good body lotion?3 easy to use body lotions

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By Fiora

what is a good body lotion?Let's see the 3 easy to use body lotions !


Garnier hydra lock light moisturising milk

Review by glossgal_01: This review is for GARNIER HYDRALOCK (which i did not find listed on MUA) - not the light version!
I hated this product ever since the first application. I was looking for something very moisturizing - but this was TOO MUCH!
It's like putting olive oil on the skin and trying to rub it in. Very thick, oily and sticky. I've never seen a body lotion like this.
I used it after taking a bath and I could not put on clothes for one hour, because I was feeling sticky and oily. It takes a lot of time to get absorbed by the skin.
Probably this is why they made the "light" version...

Review by liselise1: LOVE LOVE LOVE! my skin feels baby soft after using this and it really hydrates my skin and it looks much smoother, has a nice smell too

Review by Suzy_h: i have the big one of this as it was half price in superdrug. Now normally i wouldnt turn to garnier for a moisturiser i prefer butters and more natural creams but my sister had this in her room and i thought i would give it a try lol
This stuff does something i have never found any other moisturiser to do and that is actually absorb into the skin really well it leaves it soft and within a minute on my arms it has completley dissapered no greese no residue! for me this is a definate plus point and its something that bugs me with butters and thick creams. it contains palm oil no mineral oil- im not sure how good this is for your skin but it feels nice and does a good job!
Im not sure about the 24hrs moisture claim but i will report back. if you want something light weight, non greasy or sticky and easily absorbed then this is totally the guy to choose!

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Suave Skin Therapy Powder Fresh

Review by Sybil84: The is the only Suave lotion I like, the smell is a perfect baby powder scent. This scent also stays on your body along time, and kept my skin moisturized for 24 hours.

Review by belladoggie00: I got a huge bottle of this at Target for 78 cents! This is a great smelling lotion and is quite moisturizing. I like to use creams or body butters before I go to bed, so I keep this in the kitchen to use after washing dishes, etc. The scent is very strong at first, so if you don't like baby powder/lotion, I would stay away. I find it to be a nice simple lotion for daily use.

Review by nechama22: I didn't really want to give this product a chance, but when I noticed my husband had silkier hands and elbows than me I gave in. The scent isn't the products strong point but the product does excel in the other areas. It delivers great moisture in a light silky formula. I have only seen 2 kinds of bottles the huge bottle that is 22.5 fl. oz and the smaller purse sized one. We go through bottles like crazy despite the size... so it is definately something that is repurchaseable.

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Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Butter

Review by almighty_curv: Fabulous stuff. Does exactly what it says it will do - rescues your skin, especially in the winter. I had been using Avon Skin So Soft Wintersoft Body Cream. I cannot understand how a cream designed especially for wintertime could not moisturize your skin, but this stuff does exactly that. I needed something "intensive". I bought this and the lotion in the same line and my skin is calm and happy now.

Review by Bethany09: This is an amazing product for winter time. My skin feels so soft when i use it, it's unreal. I almost couldn't believe it the first time i used it! It IS a bit on the expensive side, but i would say it is definitely worth it.

Review by lipstik: The first time I saw this, the price made me put it back. 8.99 for a drug store brand? Not. But last week I saw it at Walgreens on sale for 4.59 plus I had a coupon so I bought it. This is an excellent heavy duty moisturizer. There is a subtle sort of... clinical scent at first, but it doens't last. It absorbs quickly and lasts for hours. Great stuff.

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