what is a good body lotion?3 best body lotions reviews

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By Fiora

what is a good body lotion?Let's see the 3 best body lotions reviews!


L'Occitane Citrus Verbena Sorbet Body Cream

Review by abrilio: I love anything Verbena and Citrus Verbena from L'occitane and this is no exception. Smells amazing and I really enjoy using this when the weather gets warmer or after a cool shower following a workout. The gel consistency is light and it absorbs immediately leaving your skin soft and lightly scented (the scent, sadly, doesn't last long) Putting in the the fridge makes it even more heavenly. What I don't like about this is the price. Thirty something dollars for a small tub of cream is excessive imo. I would consider getting it on sale or request it as a gift, but would not pay the full pricetag. Update: So I bit the bullet and bought another one of those. I just love it so much in the summer. Slightly sweet, grapefruity and really revitalizing in the 90 degree weather.

Review by blyss: Super Indulgent! I swear its one of those products that can make your eyes roll back....hahaha.like when you bite into an extremely good piece of chocolate. The texture is lovely, smooooth soft and ohh so moisturizing. Love this stuff!And the smell, real grapefruits. YUMM!

Review by Caligirl42990: YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! I LOOOVE this product! I had a Citrus Verbana shower medley (shampoo, conditioner, body wash...the works), which left my bathroom steaming with the delicious smell of grapefruit...yum. Then I continued the layering experience by slathering on this lotion/cooling gel delicious sorbet, then topped in all off with a few spritzes of the fragrance. What an awesome and truly refreshing home spa experience. I now have this product stocked (next to the grip of Almond Milk Concentrate/Lotion!)

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Vaseline total moisture conditioning body lotion with vitamins E&A

Review by srobinb: This lotion is awesome, sinks right into the skin without being greasy and keeps it moisturized and soft all day. Smells great and a big bottle will last you a long time.

Review by oneofmylies99: Ive been using this as my everyday moisturizer on and off for about 2 years now, and occasionally i'l stray and try out something new but i always end up coming back because it's such a nice light non greasy moisturizer that absorbs into the skin really quickly.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is fabulous for dry skin. I like this much more than their 'Aloe Fresh' moisturizer in the green bottle which was one of my long term favorites. The consistency is slightly thicker, but that doesn't affect how it absorbs into my skin; quick and fairly efficient. It doesn't leave sticky residues and isn't greasy at all. My skin feels smoother and softer with continued use. Smells clean and fresh too.

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Simplyscents Rainbow Sherbert

Review by pulidobl: This scent is great for the summer and I love the texture of the body butter. I can't wait to try other scents. Great product.

Review by francesca39: This smelled like Skittles to my nose. On dry down, the candy like note faded a bit, and the scent became more subtle and sophisticated. Lovely, but not really something I'd wear.
This gets a four as the lotions and creams from SS are fantastic, and the scent is non-plasticky or fake.

Review by Erin: Oh man I love this lotion!!! A girl in my class bought this one and it didn't smell nice on her at all. However I love the way it smells on me, and my bf did too, which is a good sign because he HATES foodsy lotions. Anyway, yes this smells like rainbow sherbert but it reminds me more of an ice cream shop. You know how when you walk into an ice cream shop, it feels really cool and you can smell the combination of all the ice cream flavors? That's what this lotion reminds me of, it smells "cool" which is hard to explain but when I touch it I expect it to be cool too =P (it's not btw) and it smells like an ice cream shop too. I will definitely repurchase this item if Mary keeps it on.

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