what is a good body gel?3 effective body gel reviews

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what is a good body gel?Let's see the 3 effective body gel reviews!


Bodycology All Products

Review by runty: I purchased this smell in Midnight Garden or something of the like. What I got was a tried for knockoff of BBW Moonlight Path, and an epic fail in my book.
The fail isnt for missing the mark on trying to replicate a huge best seller of BBW, the fail is for the cheap crappy packaging combined with lackluster performance as a bath gel. The product has a viscosity of that between a gel and a liquid and although it does indeed foam- it leaves huge nasty tub rings and soap scum beasties galore. The top of the bottle broke almost as soon as I used it, and I can confidently rate this as crappy!
Dont use this as a bath foam, no matter what the bottle says. You can use it in the shower with pouf to scrub with, but if you have glass shower doors I advise against it.

Review by angelchan: HOLY GRAIL BODY WASH! AMAZING PRODUCT! Much better than philosophy! I use to buy the 18 philosophy shower gels but found these instead for 5 usd for 16oz. They are very concentrated and last forever cause a little goes a long way! The scents are wwonderful and they lather up very well. I would even pay 10 for these! I recently learned from another mua'er that philosophy shower gels have cancer causing ingredients so I am so happy I discovered these. They are great for sensetive skin and feel wonderful. I have these in every single scent and I love them all! Trust me folks you will be very happy with this purchase!

Review by cyndiinphilly: I have tried everything in this line, every scent - RAVE REVIEWS all the way. The bath bombs are my fave. PHILOSOPHY WISHES it were this good ... save your money, gals, go to Walmart and pick up Bodycology and forget that overhyped, overpriced Philosophy stuff. (And yes, I have tried a lot of Philosophy products, too - not even close to as good as Bodycology)

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Laura Mercier Tarte au Citron body wash

Review by Stampy_76: I like this body wash. It's very moisturizing and creamy. The scent is a lemon with a bit of vanilla/cream. It's sharper lemon than in the matching body lotion. I prefer a more citrus/tart scent, so I enjoy this. It's my favorite Laura Mercier scent thus far; I wasn't wild about the Creme Brulee, Au Lait or Spiced Honey -- they're all okay, but I prefer something less foody with a citrus aroma. I will note that LM's creme brulee is the best creme brulee scent I've tried. I'm deducting one rating point for the high price.

Review by Elixir: How I wish this cost way less. A great body wash with an awesome refreshing sweet lemon scent and great sudsing ability, but SOOOO expensive. I got it as a gift, but don't think I can ever justify spending 38 no matter how wonderful it is.

Review by isabellet: I love the texture of this - thick, creamy and moisturising - but I was slightly disappointed in its scent. It's not nearly as fresh or lemony as I expected, more like vanilla-infused hot milk or custard with just a hint of lemon curd. It's not quite as sweet as some of the other products in the line, but still quite sweet enough for me. Nice enough, but doesn't do enough for the money to justify a repurchase.

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Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Shower Gel

Review by London84: i got this on sale so it was reduced significantly, otherwise its like 10.50 (outrageous)but it just smells so DAMN good, so i had to get it. it could have a better lather tho

Review by redheadjane: Yes! Perfect for spring. Not really moisturizing but smells and lathers beautifully.

Review by cloud0204: Um, I like this scent in the bubble bath, the body cream and even the candle, but as a shower gel it smells like a dishwashing detergent. Foul and slimy feeling.

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