what is a good body gel?3 best body gel reviews

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By Tifanny

what is a good body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gel reviews!


Philosophy Spiced Apple Cider 3-in-1 (from the Hot Toddies collection)

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I better use this before spring hits--I can't imagine using this when it's warmer out. I've only used this once, and the red dye didn't seem too heavy to stain anything--it washed away pretty well. This is perfect as a body wash, with lots of suds, but the instant you put rub it in your hands to put it in your hair, you know something isn't right. It spreads out too much, or something. I used it as my "second wash" because I was afraid of that, and it was better on my hair then. I do love the smell, it's wonderful in fall and winter.

Review by ZoSo: This is definitely one of my all-time favorite bath scents. I love to use it during the colder fall and winter months. It smells delicious, spicy and sweet at the same time and just like spiced apple cider. I love it as a body wash, haven't tried it as a shampoo and don't plan to, and, as others have said, it's "okay" as a bubble bath-smells nice but not a whole lot of bubbles. I hope to repurchase when I run out!

Review by i_darling: Yummy! I am generally not a fan of apple scents and I was expecting to not care for this one, but Spiced Apple Cider smells very nice. It doesn't smell sour or sweet, but a bit in the middle and with a touch of cinnamon. It is the all time perfect scent for the fall. I don't find the 3 in 1's to be drying, and I love taking a shower just because I know I'll be using a yummy scented shower gel!! :) I wouldn't use this in my hair (3in 1's can leave a residue, at least for me) but I love this as a shower and bath gel. Big huge massive rave from me on this new yummy scent! :)

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Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Laotion Lotus

Review by aml1: As girly as can be, this luscious pink flowery gel is delightful. It is does not lather copiously, but the trade off is that it is gentle on the skin. The sweet, apple blossom-like floral scent lingers after a shower.

Review by didion0312: This shower gel has a very nice and subtle smell to it. The only con is that it's a little hard to open the can. I have to admit that I've got a soft spot for all Yves Rocher products. I generally like the natural perfumes, the products are not tested on animals which is an important pro and as far as I can tell they're using a lot of natural ingredients.

Review by bastet: . I loved this at the time it came out, but could not use something so flower-y every day. It is too strong for regular use.
As all shower gels from YR, this is often on sale, so the price is reasonable. I won't be repurchasing, one bottle was enough. If you are looking for a summery scented shower product that doesn't break the bank, you might want to consider this -the flowery scent is quite prominent, so make sure you like it before buying.

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Ulta Moisturizing Body Wash - Citrus Cream

Review by julie9536: This is the most mouth watering scent. Totally smells like a dreamsicle. It is thick and creamy but not very moisturizing. I will repurchase because of the sent, but no other reason. Totally yummy!!

Review by stellaluna2: I am so glad Ulta decided to make a moisturizing version of their body wash. It's really creamy and you only need a quarter-size to get tons of lather. This scent is one of my fav and it really lingers. It's really cheap too!

Review by amystar: This is one of the yummiest-smelling body washes I've tried... it smells like an orange Creamsicle. Moisturization is OK, but I still need a separate moisturizer when I get out of the shower. Will buy again because of the scent... it's enough to wake me up without being cloying.

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