what is a good blush?3 recommended blush review

By Sara

what is a good blush?Let's see the 3 recommended blush review!


Prestige BlushingDuo - combination of blush and highlighter

Review by funkybabe: Product is cheap, good, lasts. The colors are alright though. There easy said, all you needed to know.

Review by DawnD: I bought this in "Tapestry" which in the pan looks like a very light peachy pink with a dot of white highlighter. (Originally I bought "Seagrass" but had to return it because it gave me an unnatural sunburnt look.) I like it. It gives me a nice, natural pinky-peach glow with a touch of shimmer. The quality of the blush is surprisingly nice- finely milled and long-lasting. Doesn't take much to show up. I would repurchase, but next time I'll try something more on the peach side than the pink side.

Review by Springncts: I have this in Sahara and it is the BEST bronzer I have used. It has just a touch of red in the brown which makes it look much more natural than the fake-bake look a lot of the bronzers have (including the expensive ones like Guerlain, which I just HAD to have). The highlighter portion is a golden shimmer but when you swirl it all together, it blends beautifully. I love Prestige because it is cheap and good. I didn't expect to find a HG but here it is - after doing the Nars thing, I am going to stick with the 3 Prestige.

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Milani Powder Blush- Pink Craze

Review by Angeline: One of the more elusive Milani blushes, well even more so now since they are being discontinued. *tears* I guess this would be the matte sister shade to Luminous but without the gold of course. It?s your usual pale pink and applies to a nice innocent, fresh-faced fluster upon the cheeks. I would have to say that this shade is even more wearable than Luminous because it doesn?t have that fake-looking gold sheen. The staying power is better, that?s for sure. Track this down while you can, it?s awesome for a drugstore blush!

Review by kjjamm808: This is my absolute favorite blush. Paula Dorf Ballet is close, but compared side-by-side, Pink Craze has a very slight peach tone and less blue. This is the cleanest-looking baby pink blush I have found. I saw this about a month ago in the drug store and didn't pick it up, as I already have a back-up. Now that I think of it, I'll be on my way there tomorrow to purchase as many as are left!

Review by bastet: Adorable! Thanks to you lovely MUAers, I bought this blush. It's a perfect cotton candy pink. Just looks like I stepped in from the cold. Great texture and pigmentation. Love!
For reference, I'm a NW 15.

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Becca Malika Powder Blush

Review by maribebe: This is an absolutely lovely blush! It gives a true luminous glow--not glittery or even shimmery, but luminous. The color is unique, too. This is not your average peach blush. It's a subtle peach with a hint of pink, almost a nude look if you apply it sparingly (it's very sheer anyway). This is what I always wished NARS Orgasm would be. If you're fair-skinned, cool- or warm-toned (it will work on both), and want to glow instead of sparkle, treat yourself to this blush. You won't be sorry.

Review by pretty_please: I'm in love with this! It's a gorgeous, subtle peachy-nude that leaves an absolutely amazing candlelit glow on my cheeks. Colorwise it's similar to Shu M Peach 41, but somehow prettier (I guess it's the glow effect!) Pigmentation is excellent - not so pigmented that I have to use a skunk brush but not so sheer that I have to pile on a ton of product - just perfect for my NC20 skin. I don't think this would show up on dark skin except as a highlighter, but for pale/medium skintones this is a must-have in my opinion.

Review by dlbd2k06: Wow, the reviews below are spot on. This blush does indeed give a luminous glow that sets it apart from most other blushes. In the pan, it looks alarmingly brown to this neutral PPP. However, when applied, it gives a peachy nude glow with a slight hint of pink. It's sheer and just seems to glow without any noticeable shimmer or glitter. It gives a more sophisticated look than a babydoll look. It's medium pigmented but sheer so you can adjust the intensity easily. I like to pair it with Becca Bellini lipgloss (a shimmery peachy nude).

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