what is a good beauty tools?3 best beauty tools

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what is a good beauty tools?Let's see the 3 best beauty tools !


Essence of Beauty Exfoliating Facial Buff

Review by Dimitra: i love these

Review by aguskl: I just got this today. Wasn't sure which exfoliator to buy, and my bf suggested I get this, he said it'd do the same exact thing... and it does! Skin feels smoother... and it didn't irritate it, either. Will buy again. UPDATE 3/20/2008: This takes all the fun out of scrubbing. Will not repurchase.

Review by shimmering: I bought this on a whim at CVS since they were so cheap, and I was a bit curious. I tried this with my Origins Never a Dull Moment skin polisher, and boy was that a mistake! It was too rough for my skin. However, this is great with a face wash that has no beads in it. It'll leave your skin soft and squeaky clean! I can definitely see this replacing expensive exfoliaters, but I just love my Origins so much that I will still repurchase :)

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Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler

Review by sjcsmall: I found this curler to be very average- even less than average, actually. It pinched a bit and barely curled my lashes. The quality was equal to those of cheap drugstore curlers in my opinion.

Review by bekkbekk1985: i have gone through several different eyelash curlers(1. plastic sally hansen 2. metal covergirl 3. metal shiseido, etc.) and this one is by farrrrr the best! it has a better quality metal than the usual drugstore eyelash curlers(cold, instrument-like metal) and it lasts a long time. i have had mine for nearly 3 years and have only replaced the pad once. i use a variety of mascaras and it has worked with all of them. i usually apply eyeliner on my top lid, curl my lashes, apply mascara, wait for it to dry, and curl again. i sometimes heat it up with a blow dryer for an extra dramatic effect. its only downfall is the price - 15 but so totally worth it :)

Review by Erin: I absolutely love this eyelash curler. Prior to this curler, I had the tweezer man curler, and I didn't really care for it. It pinched horribly, and my lashes never maintained a curl. I tried BB's eyelash curler, and it worked wonderfully. It didn't pinch, and I curled my lashes just to see how it would work and my lashes are still curled an hour later with no mascara on top. The price wasn't that bad on this either compared to the more popular high end curlers. It only cost me about 5 more than my tweezer man, and it works 10x better. I will definitely replace this if I need to. :)

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Tweezerman Foot File

Review by misswillow: I like that this foot file is durable and ergonomic. I think I expected it to do a better job of smoothing my feet. It doesn't work as well as a much cheaper LaCrosse file I purchased at Ulta.

Review by amystar: I bought this for 7.99 at Sally. I had been buying the files from the bath aisles of target and wal-mart and although this LOOKS the same it is definitely not. This file smoothed my feet really quick. At the end of my shower I took the file to my heels and all the dead skin accumulated at the balls of my feet and after about 5 minutes (both feet) I was soft and smooth. There is a hole on the end of the nice ergonomic handle, but it wasn't big enough to fit on my shower hook so I took the hanging rope off of my old file and put it on the Tweezerman. A great purchase for summer!

Review by leeyao: I love love love this foot file! I received it as a gift for Christmas, and I am pretty skeptical when it comes to foot care because even my Pedicurists have a hard time sloughing the dry skin off. Pedro, however, is now my HG. It's hangs in my shower, and by just using it two or three times a week, followed by Eucerin Original Cream (my other HG), my feet stay smooth all the time. :o )

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