what is a good bath treatment?3 top bath treatment

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By Sara

what is a good bath treatment?Let's see the 3 top bath treatment !


LUSH Karma Bubble Bar

Review by Graceteix: Love it!! First bubble bar I have used and love it! The smell was a bit strong when I first opened the packaging, but after I broke a piece off and crumbled it in the bath, it was wonderful!! I didn't use the whole lot at once, I broke a piece off each time and it lasted me around 8 baths. It always left me feeling nice and relaxed, and smelling wonderful!!! Would definitely buy it again!!

Review by Cordelia: I have never tried this but if you want to get more use out of this bubble bar, use a small amount, crumble it in your tub then add The Body Shop's mandarin foaming bath and it compliments Karma excellently! Plus you get much more bubbles without ruining the smell or moisture! I'm going to buy this tomorrow so I will let you know how it works!

Review by oopsygirl: I think this and Blue Skies are neck and neck for my very favorite bubble bar. I buy everything Karma because I love that spicy orangey-patchouli smell. I used half a bar for a bath, and I had no problem with the bubbling. I feel soft after a soak with Karma, and the smell lingers for a few hours. It's divine! Only trouble is that DH is not a huge fan of this one, but he doesn't fuss much. :) If you love the smell like I do, slice off a small piece and stick it in your car as a freshener. This works extra well in hot weather!

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LUSH Ma Bar Bubble Bar

Review by bastet: Appearance: five stars. Luscious looking pale cream next to chalky milk chocolate with a brown sugar cube shoved in-between. Scent: half chocolate, half Honey I Washed The Kids--intoxicating and perfect (if you love HIWTK). Performance: *sigh* bubbles are NOT up to LUSH bubble bar standards. The scent is medium-strength and quickly fades. The bubbles depend on which bar you used--I've used several and some are fantastic blankets of bubbles, others did not. However, it does stay on your skin afterward--lovely. As much as I would love to give this five stars, it just doesn't make a massive, decadent bubble wall which you'd expect with the price, and the scent (while bathing) isn't as intense as hoped. But lingering (on your skin) qualities are perfect.

Review by kat_25: this is a awesome bubble bar. it is one of my favorites. it makes really nice big bubbles. it smells soo good. allot like honey i washed the kids.

Review by JettNY: Scrumptious! Mmmm, yup, this is very similar to Honey I Washed the Kids, but with lots of brown sugar and dark chocolate. YUM!!! I wish I had this and HIWTKI in every form possible!

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Dr. Hauschka Lavender Bath

Review by Elixir: Absolutely love this, both as a bath oil (although I find that I get through it pretty quickly this way) and as a facial wash. I do as they recommend - a few drops in a basin of warm water used to wash face - morning and evening; the lavender seems to act as an anti-inflammatory, soothing my eczema-prone skin and refining its texture. Hugely recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin.

Review by cyndiinphilly: The scent of this product is intensely herbaceous and wonderfully earthy. It smells like live, growing plants in a way that other Lavendar products and Lavendar Essential Oils do not. I don't take baths very often but I am addicted to another used for this product. I use a few drops of this on a hot face cloth. Then I press this on my face as a hot compress before cleansing. I am not sure if this compress has any true effect on my skin but it feels relaxing and very soothing. (BTW, my skin is very sensitive to any cleansing product that would throw off it's PH. Any bar soap or soapy liquid cleanser breaks me out. I mention this hear because, I feared this might happen with the Lavendar Bath but I have never had a break out problem using this product in the manner described above.)

Review by clnfox: I've been using this as a facial bath and I really love it. Don't know if it's having any effects from a skin product point of view, but using a few drops in the rinse water when washing my face before bed is so soothing and helps me sleep. Since I only use a little it's lasted me a long time and the relaxation qualities are so great the price tag is worth it.

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