what is a good bath treatment?3 recommended bath treatment

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By Elena

what is a good bath treatment?Let's see the 3 recommended bath treatment !


Kneipp Valerian & Hops Herbal Bath

Review by Alexis: I am so unbelievably impressed by this product. Most "sleep-enhancing" products smell nice and are relaxing, but don't really do anything to make me sleepy. This one hit me like a freight train. After 20 minutes in the bath, I could barely walk straight to get to the bed! It's like a powerful sedative. Amazing, amazing stuff. I will never be without it.
Also smells nice (a bit lemony) and turns your water a lovely shade of turquoise :) .

Review by Susie31: I had actually purchased this during a Sephora sale, and now I'm hooked! Both the blue color and the scent are truly relaxing. It mixes well in the bath water and doesn't leave a mess in the tub. One of the best Kneipp bath treatments!

Review by jenss79: I call this stuff relaxation in a bottle. It's mighty concentrated, too! If I've had a long and troubling day, I put this in my bath. It truly relaxes me, and I sleep like a baby. The scent is divine and will waft into adjoining rooms. I also find the blue color very soothing. If possible, I'd give it a ten!!

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LUSH Happy Birthday Mr. President bubble bar

Review by francesca39: Not a very Happy birthday. I was suppose to give my friend the whole lush experience (Buffy, jelly,smoothie, massage bar, dusting powder, pied de pepper) but we started and ended on the wrong foot. THE BIRTHDAY. As I crumbled the bar into the tub I noticed there was no smell, and althogh there were alot of bubbles for a bb, they didn't last as long. I kept tring ti feelinh the bottom of the tub ti see if there were any big crumbles. My friend barely soaked before wanting to take a shower. As a lush whore, i KNOW every last minute in the tub between you and your bar is like an experience in heavan, But the cons of this were, no smell or oils, no long lasting bubbles, and water remained same colo,

Review by lipstik: I really like this bubble bar. It is so cute and it smells delicious. I think it was limited edition but I'm not exactly sure.

Review by funkybabe: This is my favourite lush bubble bar. I love the pink and white colours, and it smells just like icing. Too bad they discontinued it. :(

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LUSH Something Wicked This Way Comes Bath Melt

Review by shelby1123: I'm probably in the minority in missing the glitter, but I really do miss it. It was wonderful when this melt filled the tub with pink glitter. But glitter or no glitter, the reason I gave this five lippies is because it has a heady, intoxicating, sophisticated floral scent that's like nothing else I've ever smelled. This is serious luxury in a little bar.

Review by AutumnBliss: I looooooved it! So pink and glittery - but small micro-glitter, not huge chunky glitter! The fragrance was very subtle in mine, and the water was nicely moisturizing. I don't know if I would repurchase now that they are going to make these without glitter, since that was my favorite part!

Review by Chloeclover: IMHO...this is very similar in fragrance to Elixir. This has a little bit more of the Jasmine coming out. Very glittery too. On second try, I think I prefer this over Elixir. Must be the Jasmine as I am getting more into the Jasmine products.

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