what is a good bath treatment?3 effective bath treatment

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By Marcella

what is a good bath treatment?Let's see the 3 effective bath treatment !


Booths Milk Bath and Shower Cream

Review by Elixir: I should buy stock in this line. I can not believe the excellent quality you get for such a low price. If Ulta stops carrying this line, I'm not sure how I'll get my fix.
This shower wash is a great fragrance with a nice moisturizing finish. It lathers up well, and works as a shave cream in a pinch. For less than 6, you can't beat it!

Review by bastet: I like the natural, light scent of this product and it does make my skin soft, but isn't ultra-moisturizing if that is what you are looking for. The price is great and I would definitely buy again. I also love the original booths body wash for it's great natural scent. I'll continue to buy both of these. My whole family enjoys them.

Review by Jessimau: I love this wash. I use it as a shower wash, rather as a bath product. Its creamy soft and the scent is the softest vanilla. My skin feels great after use.

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Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

Review by IMAproductwhore: I got this one in a set, a 50 ml size. I didn't find this one had too much of a scent but, didn't leave any residue on the bath. I much prefer the lavender one.

Review by bobsy: Love this. 1-2 capfuls of this oil will give you a heavenly experience turning ordinary water into milky-white, softening, soothing, relaxing caring "spa". The best thing about this oil (besides the smell and feel while in tha bath) is the feeling after stepping out of your tub. Skin will be moisturised and will stay moisturised. I have never experienced that kind of softness of my skin without a sticky/oily feeling. Really good value for money despite being a bit pricey. Will definitley buy again.

Review by pinkiiish: This is decadence in a bottle!! Simply gorgeous....on the pricey side though. The fragrance is amazing.....intense and luxurious which lasts in the bathroom hours after you've bathed. The oil goes milky in the water and is very moisturising on the skin. I can't recommend this product enough if you love luxurious body products. Best saved for special occasions and those evenings when you really want to treat yourself.

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LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

Review by gogoamy: These new Lush Bath Bombs are awesome. They last a lot longer, and are a bit frothier. The scent of this one is wonderful and the colors are so pretty. I really feel like the new line (I believe there are 3 total) of new and improved Bath Bombs are worth the price. Smell is great. Nice and relaxing lavender.

Review by Lola_Bear: I was reading some reviews and, I feel bad but, I think I might be the first sort of bad review here. I went to LUSH and saw this new bath bomb and decided to try it. So I did and the smell of good and bad. I liked how the bath bomb looked inside the bath tub water because you would be expecting a pink color but it's actually blue! I didn't really enjoy this product and will not buy it again. Sorry!

Review by sophie_tan: This is the first Lush bath product I ever tried. I got it as part of a Christmas gift. It smells so unbelievably good! I even went to my local Lush counter to see if they make other products with this fragrance, unfortunately they do not. This fizzy is quite large so I put it in a plastic bag and smashed it with my shoe. To my surprise a smaller blue ball rolled out of the large pink/purple one! Cool! I have a shower stall sized bath tub, so I have been able to get 6 baths out of this sucker. The water turns a pretty color and softens my skin. The fragrance lingers on my body and the whole bathroom smells delightful. The only minus is the glitter. You know how glitter is.. it pops up in random places. My cat jumped in the tub when I was done and got glitter on his paws. Now I keep seeing random sparkles on my kitchen floor, bed, couch...etc.

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