which lipstick is the best?3 popular lipstick review

June 12th, 2019 No comments

which lipstick is the best?Let's see the 3 popular lipstick review!


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid 457

Review by island_honey: This is a true fuscia with a slightly……

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what to look for when buying a lip gloss?3 best lip gloss comparison

June 11th, 2019 No comments

what to look for when buying a lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best lip gloss comparison!


Revlon Super Lustrous - Sundipped Orchid

Review by bekkbekk1985: Sundipped Orchid is a reasonab……

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3 popular nail polish

June 10th, 2019 No comments

3 popular nail polish ,let's see how good they really are!


Essie Baby Cakes

Review by Graceteix: bought this because it was in the half off bin at a beauty supply store and it seemed li……

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3 top hair styling reviews

June 9th, 2019 No comments

3 top hair styling reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Graham Webb Stick Straight

Review by sophie_tan: My hairdresser gave me this conditioner after I complained about m……

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what is the best body gel?3 best body gels

June 8th, 2019 No comments

what is the best body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gels !


Aveeno Moisturizing Body Wash

Review by kjjamm808: Fabulous body wash. Gentle sent. Very moisturizing. Great for shaving……

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