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By Monica

3 top shampoo ,let's see how good they really are!


Unlisted Brand One n' Only-Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo

Review by scrapdoll: I got this from Sally's after a "licensed stylist" literally fried my hair. She did not talk to me before hand and put orange/copper in my hair. I was ticked so she bleached it 4 times to get it out and still did not get it all out. My hair was like thread!!! I have been using it for about a month and along with Ojon leave-in treatment my hair is getting much better. I guess because this does not have sulfate in it, it does not lather much but other than that I love it!!

Review by ZoSo: Love this shampoo, doesn't strip my color, smells great and cleans without drying out my hair. Love the whole line!

Review by pinktulip: I have tried all of the expensive and popular brands of shampoo and conditioners, Redken, Biolage etc. I tried One n' Only Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, oil and I LOVE it.
My hair feels so much better, it is less harsh, even more so than shampoos that claim to be for colored or treated hair. I LOVE IT!!!! It also has a great smell to it. I will say, when using the conditioner it seems as though it's not really doing anything, your hair doesn't feel "soft" or as if anything is on it. But once you wash it all out and go to brush your hair, you will see and feel the difference. And the more you use it, the happier you will be. I wont use anything else unless they stop making it.

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Nature's Gate Clary Sage Shampoo

Review by blacklittlepig: I love it! It's much better than other natural shampoos I have tried. The scent is wonderful and it leaves my hair very pretty. If you are interested in trying natural hair care, I would definitely try Natures gate first!

Review by peachy905: I bought this a few years ago at Trader Joes. The scent was wonderful and fresh. I thought this was an OK shampoo for days when you're not really feeling 'dry' 'damaged' 'lackluster' and just want to shampoo your hair. I discovered the Chamomile and Verbena recently and love that one more than the Clary Sage.

Review by KateN: omg!! This shampoo not only smells awesome..but cleans well without stripping..I can't rave enough about it..please get it..it is sooo worth it. i got mine at Whole Foods. I must try the conditioner next. A new HG!!

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Suave Amplifying Shampoo

Review by iberian: After spending hundreds of dollars on shampoo, I think that I've found my favorite one for less than 2. This leaves my hair feeling full and soft, even after I use my CHI. The only other shapoo I think I'll ever repurchase is Giovanni Tea Tree for when I have dandruff. This shampoo is great!

Review by funkybabe: I bought this based on reviews. It's a good shampoo, and I think it does give my hair just a bit more bounce and volume afterwards. Considering the price, I think it does a better job than a lot of low end shampoos on the market including Pantene, Fructis, etc. so I'll repurchase Suave products for that alone. I'm going to try more "all natural", less chemical shampoos next time though. Still, Suave is good for the wallet.

Review by tambien: I absolutely love this stuff I have fine over processed hair and this makes it youthful and so much fuller on the top where I want lots of body and it gave me great shine. I couldn't believe it it worked better than all other high end products I have used lately great stuff!

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