3 top pressed powder

By Fiora

3 top pressed powder ,let's see how good they really are!


Stephane Marais Pressed Powder

Review by leeyao: I have shade #1 . They have only 2 shades to choose. The compact has 2 different powder, one is matte and other is shimmery. I mix them together to have a slighty shimmery look.
HK 350 /US 45 .Very expansive!

Review by staci01: I got this powder to go along with my foundation and at first, I was thinking about returning it because of the cost but I noticed that when I use this powder, my t-zone doesn't get as oily and I don't look too obviously made it. I usually dip my brush on the matte side to do my whole face and then use the shimmery side to highlight my cheeks. The powder is not chalky at all and blends so well into my skin. I use shade 0 and am generally the 2nd or 3rd lightest shade in most ranges. It is a bit expensive but it's lasting pretty well for me so I think this one is a definite keeper =) Plus, the packaging is so unique!

Review by cperry: I am just coming to the end of my pressed powder after six months of using it every day. I did panic when the pan started to show after a couple of weeks but it lasted for ages after that and didn't break up like lesser powders do. What can I add? I agree this is an excellent powder and I will keep buying this again and again! Just be careful if you buy this or anything else in space NK - have had several problems with them giving me the wrong shade of products I ask for (because you can't pick it off the display yourself - they have to get it out of the stock cupboard)

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MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder - Heatherette

Review by pinkiiish: this is a very pretty powder! it looks great on my fair skin. i use it as a blush.. and its looking great now during the winter.
im glade that its not too dark cuz you cant really over do it.
when a girl wears too much blush it just looks silly, so this is great for starters
you can still buy it a the Cosmetic Company outlets!

Review by minnielouse: Alpha Girl is just the best peachy pink for me...I am NC15-20, so I use it as a blush rather than an all-over powder. It's just so perfect go-with-everything daytime blush! And I love the subtle glow( as contrast to the frostiness of Barbie Loves MAC Beauty Powders) it gives. It really looks flattering. The package is also awesome! In short, I love love everything about it! Will I repurchase? I am getting a back-up now. It's so great that I don't ever want to do without it...

Review by Chloeclover: This is a great blush for people with fair skin, for me, I am a NC15. I adds just a little of color to the cheeks, but not too much. Alpha Girl is like a pinky coral color. The packaging for this is SO CUTE!! The front is not a sticker, so its there forever! It has a little shimmer, but not too much. I dont normally like shimmer, but this I didnt mind. Love this product!!

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Cargo Pressed Powder

Review by CherryBlossom03: This product is okay. I have really oily skin so it does it's job of mattifying at first but can't last 4 hours on me without shine. Texture is light and doesn't make me break out. The case broke when I accidentally dropped it and the powder cracked. Now the case won't lock and the pan can fall out. =( I'm on a search for a better powder with a sturdier case.

Review by srobinb: I bought this product when I was about to go away for a weekend and had a major break out. I was very happy that this wet/dry formula could provide varying coverage without it looking too make-upy. When my face was dry however, it dried it out even more and now that wintery winds are on their way (I live in Canada) I will have to switch products. It is a great summer powder and I like the option of having it when I need to have a little xtra matte. Great packaging, so sleek and a great click for closure!

Review by aml1: Love this pressed powder! I like the simple design of the package, as well as the two compartment design. The powder looks great on my skin! I was telling my bf a lot of guys are checking me out and he told me it's because if this super powder that gave me very smooth skin. Would definitely buy this again!

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