3 top nail polishs

By Stella

3 top nail polishs ,let's see how good they really are!


Zoya Tobey

Review by stellaluna2: A blue-based opaque medium pink creme. Appears purplish in the bottle, but I couldn't detect any purple tones when applied on my nails. A slightly more blue version of Chanel Organdy or Essie Forget Me Nots. Pretty, but not memorable.

Review by dlbd2k06: freaking fantastic pink, absolutely perfect in payoff and application. this is my new favorite!

Review by Elixir: I agree with the reviewer below who noted that this is a pretty color but not memorable. Great for summer pedicures but I will not repurchase.

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OPI Charged Up Cherry

Review by mz654: I bought this in an effort to break away from my habitual use in the summer of purples/fuchsias. It's definitely not "Cherry," but is a fun color nonetheless. Hot pink mixed with coral. On me, this is hot pink in the sun, but coral in darker settings. I wish it stayed as more of a mix of the two consistently, instead of looking like two different colors. Either way, though, it's a vibrant color that looks cute on toes in the summer with a tan. My only real complaint is that it's harder to apply than OPI usually is. It's kind of goopy and applies streakily. Because of that, I won't repurchase, but will move on in search of a better, similar color.

Review by oopsygirl: This is a really pretty and flattering hot pink that is clearly pink but on its way to red. I love it! It really flatters my light skin. I'm not sure if it was just my polishing that day or because it was the first use of the bottle, but it took me 4 coats to reach opacity with CUC. Still, totally worth it. HG hot pink, because it's hard for me to find a hot pink that looks this great on my fingers (most are reserved for my toes).

Review by isabellet: I found this polish on sale along with Electric Eel at Ulta today. Charged-Up Cherry is a bright neon-pink shade of polish that is looking fabulous on my toes right now. This color reminds me of two neon polishes I once had. It looks almost identical to Maybelline's Colorama polish in Coral Reef, and of Finger Paints Psychedelic enamel from Sally Beauty Supply. The application was good overall. It wasn't streaky or clumpy like the two other brands I mentioned. Next week, I'll try it on my fingers because they are painted with Electric Eel right now. This is an awesome shade of polish and I'll be purchasing again!

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Orly Red Sea Pearl

Review by blueaygi: Awesome color! Red Sea Pearl is not red, but a bright iridescent fuchsia. The shimmer seen in the bottle translates to amazing shine on nails, this is a great summer toe color - very bright!

Review by Jessimau: In a word.....gorgeous!! A hot pink/red with flashes of fuschia and a bit of sparke. Similar to OPI Pompeii Purple, but more on the red side. Beautiful of tips or toes....all year round! Application was beautiful, no streaks, and 2 coats gave complete coverage.

Review by IiIy: Love this polish!!! At first I thought it was too bright for work, but I liked it so much I wore it, anyway. I got enough compliments I figure I'll just keep wearing it until somebody tells me outright to tone it down. It's a fantastic bright pink with subtle blue sheen, and it's really shiny. Wears forever on my acrylics. And the rubberized handle is terrific. Orly bottles never seal on me, either. It's pricey at department stores, but you can get it for about half price at public beauty discounters.

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