3 top nail polishs compare

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By Tifanny

3 top nail polishs compare,let's see how good they really are!


China Glaze Drinkin My Blues Away

Review by funkybabe: I absolutely love this color! In my collection of 100+ polishes I do not have a dupe of it. This is definitely not a deep navy like OPI's Russian Navy or Yoga-ta Get This Blue. It's more vibrant than that, but not neon bright either. I might dock this 1/2 a lippie because it is a bit sheer for my tastes. However, I solved that minor problem by layering it over a coat of Essie's Mesmerized, which is almost the same color but in a creme finish. When I look at the shimmer in this in the sunlight on my nails it reminds me of beautiful cobalt blue glass. Great summer blue! I'd definitely recommend snatching up a bottle of this if you can.

Review by mashafromrussia: I put this on last night and 3 people stopped me this morning to ask what it was and/or admire it. It's a beautiful sparkling navy. The only problem is that it is too sheer. I had to put a navy cream underneath before putting on a few coats of this or full coverage would have taken forever. That would normally move this down to a 4, but 3 stops in 1 morning is an automatic 5.

Review by Chloeclover: I never thought I'd find the prefect blue n/p on the first try, but I think this is it! Drinkin My Blues Away is a beautiful, shimmery dark blue. The first coat goes on kind of sheer, but looks great with 2 coats. Applies smoothly, the color is gorgeous and the shimmer is not over the top. Found this for 50% off at my Ulta, so the price was right too, but I would repurchase if I ever run out (doubt it, though!)

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Sinful U.F.O.

Review by stellaluna2: I'm not sure why, but my bottle of UFO is not orange but dark hot pink! It is loaded with tiny gold sparkles and larger iridescent glitters.

Works great as a topcoat, but also looks gorgeous on it's own. Two coats will give you a beautifully sparkly hot pink shade! Love it!

Review by CherryBlossom03: Wow awesome orange glitter nail polish. I layer this over FPs Original Orange, or Scarlet's Paint and it looks hot. I have never worn alone, don't think I would as I like it better layered. It is a light orange base with orange glitter. Will definitely buy more Sinful glitters.

Review by roxiblue: Ya might need shades if you wear this polish. I go out with this on my nails and nearly blind people. The glitter is so big and bright and catches the sun so much. If you want some major bling on your nails, give this a try.
It tends to appear more pink than orange on me. The glitter makes for a bumpy grainy texture on top of your nails, but 'tis the case with all glitter polishes and a good top coat would probably smooth things out.
All Sinful Colors polishes are super long lasting. Great stuff for just 1.99. Many complain about the texture of the polish, saying it's either too gloopy or too runny. I find that if you're just careful and take your time, you get a great manicure with these. For the price and how long they last and how many beautiful colors they've got, you just can't beat it. Love it!

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China Glaze OMG Collection - IDK

Review by Cordelia: I thought I would like LOL better but this one wins my heart. The holo is easier to see. On LOL it's darker. I love this so much I bought 2 emergency backups. It's only 2.99 online.

Review by sleepyone: I love this so much. This was my first holo ever and I was so stunned! I just couldn't stop staring at my nails. Easy to apply, you will need 2 coats, but that is okay. Love!

Review by CancerianPrincess: Amazing. Its so easy to apply, dries really quickly and is just gorgeous perfect holo-y goodness. Probably my favorite from this collection

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