3 top nail polish brand

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By Elena

3 top nail polish brand,let's see how good they really are!


OPI Midnight in Moscow

Review by moth: My HG so far of darker shades. (shimmer) Beautiful when it hits the light. It states it as charcoal w/burgundy. In the bottle looks like deep, deep burgundy, and when I put it on, I thought it was too dark. But gah, when it hits the light....so pretty. Takes 3 coats for me to like it. Lasts long. I've always used OPI and pedicures last at least 4 weeks on me, and I only get tip wear w/ OPI - never chips until after at least a week and a half's worth wear.

Review by kitten75: I haven't actually purchased this item but I used it the last time I got a pedi and mani together. It was great on my toe nails but a little too dark for my fingernails. It looks like a shimmery black from far away but in the light you can see a very deep burgandy shimmer. I have been looking to buy this shade myself but not sure since I could just pick the same color next time I get my nails done again.

Review by vengland: Super stellar shade, I bought this nail polish on a whim and I'm SO glad I did it. Would I buy this product again? Sure, in a heartbeat! Enough said.

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OPI Who Comes Up With These Names

Review by cweiss: I am in love with neutrals and this color is a great creme, rose-brown with a subtle golden shimmer. I want to say it's a cafe au lait color but not that brown and more rosy. It's hard to describe. In some lights it's almost pinkish. Right now it's my top favorite of my mini collection of OPI colors. I wear it the most. Looks great on med-shorter length nails, which is how I keep mine. As with OPI polish, the quality is great and I really like the ProWide brush.

Review by scrapdoll: This is a very boring and dull color. Does nothing to compliment my skintone. Maybe if I was darker or very pale I'd like it more. It's blah. I don't see anything pretty about it...unless you think flat medium brown is pretty. It looks so much better in the bottle =(

Review by joheinous: This is a beautiful blend of deep peach, light brown, and rosy gold. I am absolutely loving it with my warm-neutral skin tone as a warm mid-tone neutral and I guess a few other people agree with the many compliments I received over the 3-4 days I wore it! It came out in OPI's 25th Anniversary collection for Fall 2006, but this shade can be worn all year long.

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China Glaze Below Deck

Review by pulidobl: This is a perfect example of why ChG is one of the best NP brands out there...this is opaque in one thick coat, or two thin coats, glossy, creamy and rich. I love this by itself or with a shimmery topcoat - a gorgeous deep (but not too deep) muted, dusty purple.

Review by nemomemo: Absolutely amazing color. People ask all the time what is and the best thing is very long lasting with Seche Vite on top :-)

Review by bastet: One of my fav color. I normally used to get bored of nail polishes after i wear it a few times. This one is not. Muted greyish purplish/pinkish color. One coat is enough cos it is very opaque. I think this color suits most of the skin color. Try this out if you interested!!

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