3 top lip glosss

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By Tifanny

3 top lip glosss ,let's see how good they really are!


MAC morning glory

Review by kat_25: This is a gorgeous sparkly pinky-purple! i prefer lustreglass to their original lipglasses.. Lustreglass aren't as sticky, are super sparkly and pretty sheer. This is a great for when u don't want to fuss with a lipliner. I love this!.. i do wish that it did have a touch more colour when on tho :)

Review by peachy905: This is a very light purple with a blue accent. It looks like it would apply lilac on the lips, but it is almost a sheer gloss with shimmer. I use this over plummy, pink, or berry lipsticks to keep them moist.

Review by angelchan: I give this a 4 only because I can't wear this alone. I always wear this on top of my lipstick colors. I find that it blends so well with most of my lipsticks - dark pink to light pink to peachy-coral looks. I love the applicator(tiny mircro fiber brush). It is pretty glossy and goopy but I don't put that much on to get the right effect!

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Smashbox O-Plump

Review by beckibabe: the makeup artist's eyes bulged out of her head when she saw how well this worked on me. she said not everyone has the same results with plumpers, but i agreed with her this worked great for me. it doesnt burn, though it does tingle, and it is smooth and relatively long wearing, with a good applicator. lets be real, there is only so much a plumping gloss can do. but this is a good one!
EDIT/ADDITION: after wearing this for 5 hours (a few applications)....constant talking, drinking lots of water out of bottles and straws, shots of alcohol, a glass of wine... i was still very very impressed with my lips at the end of the night. the auto-tint effect really leaves a nice stain that holds the effect of the gloss. upgrade from 4 to 5 lippies. bravo!!!

Review by cperry: This is a great gloss. It comes out clear, but once on my lips it becomes a lovely sheer pink colour, natural but just enough to bring out my lips. It stings though! it is quite tingly, so if you can't handle that then steer away. its not so bad that i have to take it off, but it is bad enough that i can't not think about it when i first put it on.
Great for blue eyed girls, i find the colour really brings out my eyes (don't know why, just does).

Review by Suzy_h: I got this as a gratis and im impressed with it already, I already have plump lips so for plumping i did not notice much difference..however it has great moisturising properties. Nice!

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Milani Lip Mixer 703

Review by stephanie32082: Milani Lip Mixer is a unique 3-in-1 formula that offers high gloss, reflective pearls, and a conditioning color with one swipe of the wand. The bottom layer is the conditioning color, the middle layer contains high shine polymers, and the top layer has reflective pearls. Pull the wand through all three layers and you get a pretty mix of color, shine, and glitz.
But don?t get too excited about the layers because they will eventually mix and mingle after 30 careful uses of the gloss. But no worries, the gloss is still gorgeous.
703 is terracotta/peach shimmer/beige shine.
This goes great over my MAC Viva Glam V lipstick.

Review by belladoggie00: Instant love when I tried this.Beautiful shimmery peachy pink. Smells like candy. Moisturizing. It is not sticky and has good staying power.
Lip Mixers are 6.99 at CVS, and I find myself reaching for this over my high end glosses. It looks so pretty with any make-up look, and makes me look tanner.

Review by munchlaxy: I bought this lipgloss at Walgreens 2 days ago and it is on clearance from 6/99 to 1.59!!! I've been wanting to try this lipgloss for months but paying 6.99 for something that looked cheap and tacky just didn't seem reasonable to me. LOL I was so wrong but am glad I waited I got all the colors and back ups of each. I bought this one first tried it on and went back to Walgreens to buy the rest they had. I am in love with these. They have the right amount of glitter/shimmer, high shine, and pigment. I don't mind the packaging with the gold tacky letters and top anymore because I love the gloss. I will buy these again and again if they don't get disconntinued. Hopefully they come out with more colors.

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