3 top hair styling reviews

By Sara

3 top hair styling reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Graham Webb Stick Straight

Review by sophie_tan: My hairdresser gave me this conditioner after I complained about my Asian hair looking dull and feeling kinda like straw. I love this conditioner - it completely softens my hair, makes it feel silky, and I've been getting compliments on my hair again. And it smells really pretty too.

Review by tippygirl: Review is for Super Strength Stick Straight. Love to use this produce on my very thick straight hair. The gel is smooth and has a lovely feel. Goes on my hair easily and I always feel like I am able to distribute it well over all my hair. I would love to see smaller packaging for ease of taking with traveling. Get a sample and try it. I love this gel.

Review by nina: I used this stuff years ago and it seemed to work better for me then. now it works no better than most others i've tried. a little expensive for the quality. i think maybe they changed the ingredients from the last time i used it. it used to control my frizz, now it doesn't really work as well for frizz.

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Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip

Review by minnielouse: This product works wonders for my coarse, thick, perfectly straight, hard-to-control Asian hair. Usually my hair has no texture, but I work in a tiny bit of Defining Whip and rough up the layers, and suddenly I look hip and styled. It's even light enough to put in my bangs. It smells great and although the jar is expensive, a little goes a long way. I will definitely repurchase.

Review by Carrie: I really love this product! I have been dying to buy it since it came out! It only took me 5 years. I felt a little guilty b/c its expensive. However, since I bought it I havent regretted it!. I chopped my hair and it really gives texture to my layered bob! The cut looks so much better with it! The smell is great too!

Review by runtagua: I like this product. I agree with the previous poster who said it's not the ideal product for flat-ironed or round-brushed styles; it's too sticky and clumpy for that. It's good for wavy hair though; I let my hair air dry, then I work it into my hair with a little bit of styling lotion when I want my curls to be defined and when I want extra hold.
It is also good for updos , as it provides a little bit of hold and a lot of separation. I especially like to use it the second or third day when I've styled my hair to be wavy and it has a lot of product in it already; sometimes after waking up my hair will be a tiny bit frizzy, but smoothing a bit of Defining Whip into my waves and then putting my hair up into an updo works like magic.

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Oribe Creme for Style

Review by franjipany: I have wavy (curly underneath), dry, uncolored hair that I air dry. An SA recommended this to control frizz and add moisture. Tried this a few times and noticed no difference from applying no product to using this. May have even made frizz worse. Zero hold and no moisture. The hype didn't pan out for me, am liking the gel serum much better.

Review by nishie: Over the years, much, much cash has been dropped on the quest for the perfect blow-dry creme. Quest is over. Oribe Style Creme kicks everyones a. Better then Kiehls, Alterna, and Kerastase straightening cremes, it smooths but you can still jeep all your volume. Smells delcious, does not dry hair, leaves it so silky I can barely stop touching it. This works on wet or dry hair too. This is 29, might be the cheapest thing in the whole line, if your looking for something a bit cheaper Satinwear from Redken is good as well. This leaves me hair silkier though.

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