3 top hair conditioner

By Fiora

3 top hair conditioner ,let's see how good they really are!


Pantene Blonde Expressions Highlight Enhancing Conditioner

Review by bekkbekk1985: My hair is a weird dishwater blonde/brown with black on the inner layers. I bleached my hair to purple and it faded to a light brown, which was then further lighten by the sun. This conditioner really makes my highlights stand out, after a couple of uses I noticed some parts of my hair were 3 shades lighter!
It seems to do a pretty good job as a conditioner, haven't had any problems with it. It detangles and makes my hair feel pretty soft.
The only thing is that the results don't last when you stop using it but that's kind of to be expected isn''t it?

Review by mworley00: I used this for years before I decided to stop using products tested on animals. It makes my hair feel silky smooth and brings out the light reflections. It was a great drugstore line that really works well.

Review by dlbd2k06:
I usually don't like Pantene products so I should have known better than to expect much from this one. I bought the shampoo and conditioner together and they worked pretty well the first time. after that, I found the the NATURAL hair (I am growing out my lightened hair) was very soft and shiny but the color-treated ends were dry, as usual. (Tried Clairol's new "Shine Happy" and that was GREAT!)
I think Pantene is indeed a good product for virgin hair but NOT for color treated hair........and don't most of us HAVE some sort of color-treated hair?
I know when mine grows out I fully intend to color it again!

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Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick

Review by moth: I have faithfully used this product for YEARS. After working as a lifeguard for months, my blonde hair was FRIED-- literally like straw. My hairdresser recommended this to me, along with the Rusk Deep Shine Phyto-marine Lusterizer. I saw immediate results, but my hair was so damaged that it took a while. Months later, i got so many compliments from people asking what i did to fix my hair.
P.S. I have always used this in combination with the Rusk Deep Shine Phyto-marine Lusterizer product. My hairdresser swears by this combination. I highly recommend it!!

Review by hersheyb: I prefer hair leave in sprays rather than creams, as they are easier to use. Although this is the best leave in spray I have used, I do not think it moisturises my hair as well as creams. Hair does become soft and easy to manage when I use the spray, but I do not feel the hair itself improved, because when I stop using e.g. the next day, my hair goes back to it's dry texture.

Review by auth: I love, love, love this conditioner. Can't sings its praises enough. I have very oily hair and for the longest time, i didn't use any sort of conditioner b/c it would always weight my hair down. Then my stylist suggested I use a light leave-in conditioner and recommended this brand. Best thing thing ever.
I spray a few spritzes after showering, and my hair has never felt softer. I'm very tender headed, and this also works as a great detangler. I can use a comb on my hair while it's sopping wet and not encounter a single snag.
But the best part is that is that it doesn't weight my hair down. Gets rid of the frizz but leaves my hair feeling light, healthy, and oh-so-soft. My go-to hair product.

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L'Oreal L'Oreal Professionnel Color Guard System Vitamino Color Conditioner

Review by betsyab: I found this to be just a completely average conditioner...and I mean IDENTICAL to L'oreal Vive for Coloured hair conditioner. It's an average conditioner, minus one lippie for 3x the price.

Review by meeshmu: Fabulous product! Goes wonderfully with the shampoo. Just wish it wasn't so expensive; yes, struggling student here! But it is a HG for my dry damaged, over-colored Looooong hair, so I buy when I can! Lovely long-lasting fruity scent. And the bottle is the most perfect blush pink =)!

Review by pinkiiish: I would definitely purchase this product over and over again! I have very damaged and coloured hair, tried almost every low-end and high-end conditioners and none suits me until this conditioner came. Cost AUD16.50 (standard size) for a bottle and lasts me for a month or so (I've got very long hair), but the effect and the smell is perfect! It detangles my hair straightaway and there is no development time required.Does not create build-up. This is my HG!!! Gals, you HAVE TO try this!!!

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