3 top face skin care

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By Marcella

3 top face skin care ,let's see how good they really are!


Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Lotion

Review by lorraine07: OMG... I wish I've found this earlier!! It's the best thing that has kept me clear!! I love this stuff. I was using ISC Active Serum and was looking for a cheaper alternative, and was recommended this. This is way better than ISC Active Serum for half the price!!! I used to have dry skin but this has normalized it. Highly recommended!

Review by abrilio: This product is AMAZING for acne/roseacea type skin! I have never had skin that is so soft and virtually acne free! This is a must have for those ladies with roseacea!

Review by SisleyAus: Great product. I'm glad I tried it though the inital experience was bad. It felt really strong and sting my skin in the 1st 2 weeks but I was told this is normal. Now that I'm used to it, I just love it. This toner/lotion refines my pore, controls oiliness and evens out skin tone. It's a little pricey, but it has proven results. I'm definitely dependant on this now!

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Unlisted Brand Nadinola - Fade Cream

Review by iberian: I just bought this cream after trying Murad's age spot and pigment lightning gel. Murad has 2% hydroxyquinone and Nadinola has 3%. I used Murad for a few weeks before I saw a noticeable difference in my age spots. After only 3 days, I can see a difference with Nadinola. In addition, Nadinola only costs about 5 whereas Murad costs about 65. I would definitely repurchase Nadinola. It works for me and didn't cause me to break out (and I have acne-prone skin).

Review by lipstickcrazy: Pros:
- cheap
-unsanitary tub
-SUPER oily formula
-Horrendous smell that leaves a wired taste in your mouth w/o it even making contact (call me crazy but no lie)
I've been using this for three weeks straight. It was like a ritual. Didn't notice any positive change. This stuff only made me brake out. I don't understand why this product has been getting rave reviews but ehh to each their own.

Review by mworley00: I am amazed to find a 3% Hydroquinone otc. 2% has never worked well for me (Avon Banishing, Esoterica, Porcelana, etc.).
Only complaint is packaging...need a pump for hygienic reasons. Smell is strong jasmine but dissipates quickly. Have been using for three days now, day and night -- spots looks better, I think. Will update...

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Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Moisturizer (SPF 15)

Review by funkybabe: Far too light for any real moisture. For something that contains hyaluronic acid (I'm a huge fan of the pure form), it doesn't do what it's supposed to. Sorely disappointed. I gave it a few tries, just didn't work. I'd rather use a separate antioxidant serum and a usual sunscreen like I do. All in one products just don't work for me.

Review by blueaygi: I received this as a sample and it is great- My skin looks better on the days I wear it-
Here in Chicago it works great against the cold winds that blow!

Review by Cristy1970: I have the driest skin possible (it's also very sensitive) and this moisturizer soaks in, leaving my face smooth and soft but not at all greasy.
I agree with the person from Chicago who said her skin looks better when she uses it. So does mine, and my husband has commented several times on how smooth my skin is as well. I also use MB's Enzyme Cleansing Gel and the Dermonectin Eye Cream. All fabulous!
p.s. i went through several MB products before I found the right ones for me, but once you do you'll be hooked.

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