3 top face moisturizers

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By Vicky

3 top face moisturizers ,let's see how good they really are!


Chanel Hydramax Cream

Review by CherryBlossom03: I have really dry skin and this worked well but my skin was getting dry by the end of the day. I'm sure someone with moderately dry skin would adore this cream. As with all Chanel, it is fragranced heavily-not with a bad smell-but it's definitely noticeable.

Review by Loriwong: I used up three tubs of this stuff before suddenly I had the urge to go back to Olay's Total Effects. Bad move! My skin broke out really badly - although maybe the stress that I was under at that time would have had some impact too.
I don't mind the packaging (at least with a jar you know how much you've got left and can be prepared), and I don't mind the smell. It hydrates my combo/dry skin OK and it gets absorbed quickly.
At the moment, I'm searching for better products. If I couldn't find any, I'll buy this again.

Review by labelslut: I got this last thursday, been using it, and noticed a few small breakouts on my chin and cheek. But instead of returning it, I decided, heck its chanel, maybe I'll try some more of it, before I return it. The breakouts are getting less and less frequent, and I think it was all a phase, where you try a new cream, it gets all the impurities to the surface and then... good skin at last! I enjoy this alot, although the price is abit steep..I think experimenting a few cheap creames and some more expensive ones are what you'll have to do to find your HG cream.

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Lancome Primordiale Night Skin Recharge

Review by nishie: This stuff works! It really does what it says its going to do. My pores where immediately smaller after one application. Although, I do not use it to fight fine lines or signs of aging, it definately gave me a glow that no other mouisturizer has ever done. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to fight signs of aging or just as a pore minimizer. It is a whopping 66 dollars, but its worth every penny. I would repurchase!

Review by mz654: I did like this when I started using it a week ago. It plumped up my skin and made it feel moisturized without being greasy. I was excited to see that petrolatum and mineral oil were two ingredients yet skeptical that this could moisturize without clogging pores. One week later, as I figured, my pores are clogged and my face stings because it is surprisingly dry all of the sudden. I am going back to my Intensive Moisture Balance with a few drops of Burt's Bee's ageless oil as my nighttime moisturizer. In addition, I didn't like the way lint and other particles quickly got into this jarred cream. Lastly, the fragrance, though fairly subtle, didn't jive with me either.

Review by pinktulip: I really like the texture and smell of this product and it definitely did a very good job at keeping my skin moisturized. It also seemed to give me clogged pores on my nose, which I never ever have...it was weird, I do sometimes get break outs, which this product did not aggravate at all and was in fact quite soothing for my skin overall, but every time I would use it the pores on my nose would become more noticeably clogged and oily. I am giving it a 3 because I think the moisturizer is good and would work well for some, it just did not suit me at all.

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Olay Olay Regenerist Superstructure Cream SPF 30

Review by bossanovaville: I've found that Olay moisturizers, in general, work well on my skin - medium fair, somewhat sensitive, dryer with age. Used Regenerist serum for quite awhile, needed something with an SPF and found this product. I definitely like it, found I need to apply a THIN layer of the product, not slather it on. My pores look smaller and a nice sheen remains under my foundation - great for that youthful glow, that disappears a bit with age. Good price at Costco helped me splurge and buy it. SPF is worth it!

Review by shimmering: This product is great! It's nicely moisturizing but not greasy, seems to have a decent spf of 30 and, most importantly, it feels really good! I have fair sensitive skin which has a tendency to be dry/itchy and sometimes breaks out. I've had difficulty finding a day cream that is the right balance and is not irritating - this one ticks all the boxes!

Review by Capprii: Didn't like the way it felt on my skin. For 26 for a drugstore product I want to like it immediately and I just didn't. I can usually tell pretty quickly what's going to work for my skin. Granted, I only wore this for 3 days but I'm returning it. This maybe better for drier skins.

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