3 top face moisturizer reviews

By Helen

3 top face moisturizer reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Olay Age Defying Night Cream

Review by CancerianPrincess: i love there products .. i have the day cream also and a couple other of there products its just great item .. i will allways have this on hand .. and will buy again and again

Review by franjipany: This is for the basic age-defying cream. I have been using this for about 8 months and I really like the way this feels after applying. It isn't super oily or greasy and I don't wake up feeling like I need to scrub my face. Its a good moisturizer and a good product for its cost.

Review by JettNY: Great product!
Been using it about a week, and my skin feels smoother, clear and evenly hydrated, but not at all greasy. I am VERY happy with this! Can't beat the price. I'm not as concerned about the anti-aging properties and am using this mostly for prevention, but I do feel that this has improved the overall appearance of my skin. It feels firmer and brighter, more even. I have even gone without foundation for a few days and just used concealer on my hereditary dark circles and a little powder to set. I haven't done that in ages!
(This review is for the basic Age Defying Night Cream by the way, not the Anti-wrinkle version. It looks like both are reviewed here....)

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Rachel Perry Calendula-Cucumber Oil Free Moisturizer

Review by jamelia: Recently started using this facial moisturizer because I am battling acne and using treatments that dry my face...this works good underneath makeup to keep dry patches from appearing. I love the cucumber smell-nice and light. My face is broken out, but I don't know if it is the product or the acne treament drawing all the bad stuff out, I'll keep ya posted.

Review by sophie_tan: Love this product. I have tempermental, acne-prone and very oily skin. This moisturiser gives me SPF protection and doesn't cause any breakouts. If I use too much it leaves me shiny, but then I just use blotting papers. I use this product in conjunction with Rachel Perry's other products, the Tangerine Dream Facial Cleanser, the Herbal Astringent and the Collagen Elastin product. I use all these products twice a day, in the morning and just before bed. They haven't let me down yet. Rachel Perry's stuff is the only brand that keeps my skin in check. The bright packaging and delicious smells are added bonuses, although I could see how they might not be everyone's style.

Review by tippygirl: I really love this moisturizer and don't agree with a lot of the negative reviews, but different things work for different people, I guess. For me, this is an HG product. I love everything about it-it is thin enough so that it moisturizes my normal/oily skin without leaving a greasy film. Doesn't clog my pores, irritate me or cause me to break out. The scent is clean and fresh. All natural and paraben free (which is always a plus!) Great price, convenient packaging, love the added SPF...Plus it wears well under MU because of it's consistency. Leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. What more could a girl ask for!

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Olay Complete Moisture Lotion

Review by bobsy: A good moisturizer, but left a white cast on my face. Will not repurchase.

Review by belle2216: I have combination skin. I have tried a countless number of moisturizers. This one is tossed out along with the long list of other moisturizers that do not work. My forehead is extremely oily an hour after application to the extent that you can probably see your reflection by looking at me. My cheeks are crying with thirst within 30 minutes. I DO recommend trying the Oil Of Olay Active Hydrating Cream if you are looking for a light pure moisturizer.

Review by quantumkitten: It's the perfect facial moisturizer for me! SPF + UVA/UVB protection is an excellent addition. If I have super dry skin in an area one day, I leave this on overnight and by morning, my face is flawless! =] However, this does tend to get a bit shiny on my face (even though I use the Oily/Combination formula)...so I took off one lippie. But I use a powder over this...so the shiny-ness doesn't last very long, and my face turns matte again. For 6 fl. oz of lotion, this is a true bargain! My only annoyance with this lotion is that you have to twist the bottle cap open (like a water bottle) to get it to open. Another problem is that you can't see how much product is left in the package, since it's not transparent. The frangrace may irritate some people, and others will love it! I personally think it smells wonderful!!! This is a very good moisturizer and I highly recommend it!!!!! =]

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