3 top eyeshadows reviews

By Marcella

3 top eyeshadows reviews,let's see how good they really are!


MAC Pigment in Tan

Review by kitten75: One of the most understated pigments ever. I got this as part of my warm piggie Holiday Dress Set and it's fast becoming one of my favourite neutral all around pigments. I agree, don't let the name fool you, it's a geogeous shade and very complimentary on my yellow Asian skin tone. I own Sunnydaze which is much cooler compared to tan and it made me look washed out. But Tan is just beautiful and I think it will work wonderfully for warm complexions and even those who are cool. Why not go to your location MAC store and try it out!

Review by nechama22: I love the colour but sometimes I find it too shimmery. In terms of packaging, it's too easy to spill this pigment if one was clumsy. And price is waaaay too expensive. there are nyx pigments that are similar dupes. But I guess it's worth it if it'll take FOREVER to finish one bottle of pigment.

Review by gogoamy: This pigment is flesh colored and just gives shine/glow anywhere you use it. It works well with any other color and is great on the cheek bones as a highlight, or on the brow bone as a highlight.

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NYX pacific

Review by Bonnie2842: This is a very cool light blue. Amazing texture, soft and very easy to blend with a pretty silver shimmer. This would make a nice lid color since it's light but somewhat buildable (it gets brighter rather than deeper or darker). I originally bought this to pair with baby blue (more of an icy silver with a hint of blue), but these two blend too much into the other without enough distinction. May not repurchase this one but will absolutely try other NYX colors. Superior products for their price!!

Review by Vaniessa: This was my first NYX eyeshadow (and first eyeshadow of high quality I ever owned). I purchased it from a ghetto beauty supply store because the color jumped out at me - it's a bright periwinkle. It looks better with purples and blues than with greens.
This eyeshadow lives up to its promises.

Review by AutumnBliss: Another great e/s from NYX. I have been pleased with all of them, both shimmers and mattes. the best description of this shade IMO is a dark, muted periwinkle blue. this is a matte shade. Silky smooth, highly pigmented. Little to no creasing on my VERY oily eye area. I rarely use a base. The NYX shadows do not really need them. A great shadow, better than MAC's and Stila's, IMO. Check this one out!

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Sally Girl Sally Girl - eyeshadows

Review by belladoggie00: This was an amazing find for me! 99cents! Wow! And they are very pigmented! I only have Emerald and Turquoise but I will be buying more. I highly recommend these especially for beginners. They blend well too!

Review by mielr: I Love, Love, Love, these shadows!!!!!! The colors are awesome!!!! I was in Sally's a month or so ago and was attracted to the colors.....for .99 cents I figured I couldn't go wrong and I didn't!!! The colors stay on all day and they are very vibrant and fun!! I will definitly be adding to my already huge eyeshadow collection =)

Review by Capprii: These are amazing. Very pigmented, last a good amount of time with a base and are dirt cheap. Love em!

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