3 top candles

By Tifanny

3 top candles ,let's see how good they really are!


A Zaftig Woman Soy Tart in Orange Cupcake.

Review by lorrainer07: This has a real pleasant scent. Smells more like an orange creamsicle. Pleasant change from my usual scents. Still undecided if I would purchase again.

Review by Springncts: This is a nice light Orange scent. I smell the cupcake more then the orange but it is nice. I would buy again. Long lasting scent as well!

Review by Elixir: My favorite scent from this line. Smells like creamsicle mixed in with vanilla cupcake. It is long lasting and even my husband, who usually doesn't care one way or another about candle scents, perked up and commented that this one smelled really good. When I ran out of my initial order of 8 Orange Cupcake tarts (plus a bunch of others that I sampled), I reordered twenty more tarts in this scent alone. This is definately a keeper.

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Yankee Candles Tart in Pineapple Paradise

Review by joheinous: MMM. Very great smelling. I love it. It's really comfortable and fun. Nice touch to a bathroom or kitchen.

Review by coolRED: Yum! I love pineapple anything and this tart is perfect! I am sad they are going to be discontinuing Pineapple Paradise because it is one of my favorite flavors from Yankee! It smells like a freshly cut juicy pineapple in Hawaii. It's very sweet and makes my mouth water! Very true to life flavor...

Review by SisleyAus: Really pineapple. Easy to identify when walking in a room. Very fun fragrance to try!

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Yankee Candles Clean Cotton

Review by Suzy_h: This smells just like washed cotton shirts, fresh from ironing so they smell all warm and yummy.
This candle gives you clean homey scent of that. I love using it all the time even if the house isnt particularly clean.
Gorgeous, has made me want to try more yankee candles and tarts.

Review by bebejacket: Oh yum! This is a very clean, fresh scent. I love it and like to store the unlit candles in my drawers. Great scent!

Review by diachu21: This candle has a crisp, clean scent. I burn it in the bathroom. Very nice! Yankee candles are the best.

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