3 top body lotion review

By Elena

3 top body lotion review,let's see how good they really are!


Avene Hand cream with Cold Cream

Review by pulidobl: A very moisturising hand cream, leaving my hands soft and supple. The cream isnt too thick and absorbs into your skin very quickly but leaves a slightly sticky feel. The scent is like old ladies, which I hate but its undetectable unless you sniff your hands. However, I prefer L'occitane over this hand cream, as the L'ocittane one doesnt leave my hands greasy at all. Avene is readily available in Boots and the hand cream is reasonably priced (under £6) so I would consider buying again

Review by almighty_curv: My hands were scaley, cracked, dry, and in between my fingers they were actually peeling! The instructions say to use 4 times a day until your hands feel normal and then use once a day. I used it 4 times a day and on the first day my hands were back to the way they were supposed to be! It's wonderful! My HG hand cream!

Review by oneofmylies99: Lovely stuff! I have a tube of this on my desk at work and I apply every time I've washed my hands. It absorbs immediately without leaving a film or residue. Perfect for office. Leaves my hands soft and I really feel they're protected too. The scent is very mild and fresh.

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Bath and Body Works moisturizing body lotion-sheer freesia

Review by Capprii: i got this as a gift and the scent is so delicious it's really clean and reminds me of spring.

Review by lbarnold: What a wonderful fragrance! I just love the scent of Sheer Frresia, it is not too heavy but yet it seems to last on me all day long. The lotion sinks right in and leaves my dry skin soft and hydrated. Hours after applying this I could still smell the lotion. Big rave from me on this one! :o )

Review by catlover9_9: I received a bottle of this in a swap and I love it! It's not an overly powerful floral scent, it's very subtle, and with my body chemistry, it smells slightly fruity along with the floral notes. It doesn't clash with my perfume and it smooths my skin like all BBW products do. I'm pretty sure this is a discontinued scent, but if they ever bring it back, I'll definitely repurchase!

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Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria Intensive Body Hydrator

Review by ooliedonna: The more I use this lotion, the more I love it! When you first put it on it can be a little intense.....but once it settles into my skin...WOW...the scent is just amazing! It also lasts til the end of the day! The way it comes out of the tube is a little annoying and messy sometimes.....but other than that it's awesome! It's inspired me to buy the perfume as well. LOVE IT

Review by munchlaxy: ~Body by Victoria Richly Deserved Intensive Body Hydrator~ This leaves my skin feeling very smooth, silky, and hydrated. It has a nice, fresh, clean scent that is light but lasts throughout the day. It absorbs fairly quickly into my skin and does not feel heavy or greasy at all.

Review by mriaow: Beautiful scent and wonderful moisterizer all in one, what else needs to be said!

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