3 top blushs

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By Vicky

3 top blushs ,let's see how good they really are!


Sue Devitt Blush in Tralee

Review by Susie31: A lovely nude that does not wash me out. Turned orange on my N/D rosacea skin. Not as great as I initially thought. How depressing.

Review by CancerianPrincess: Overall, i love the Sue Devitt blushes. They are nicely pigmented, last all day, and apply easily. Tralee is the ultimate nuetral-- a browned rose shade. Great to wear when you are doing a strong eye or strong lip and dont want too much cheek color. Very pretty. I probably would not repurchase this though, cause although its pretty, its not a must have, unique shade. Not a color i would reach for all the time and i cant imagine i would run out. But i do recommend this for anyone looking for a very natural, barely there blush.

Review by cosmokid: I swatched this next to my other nude blushes which include: revlon matte barely buff, nyx cream blush in tea rose, mac warm soul mineralized, and jane blushing baby doll. Compared to these other colors is the following review of color and texture. The color is a dead-ringer for the nyx blush...nude with a subtle rosey undertone. The texture is sheer and buildable...similar to the revlon matte color. The finish is definitely *not* matte (like the jane color), but also not shimmery (like mac). I would call this finish a satin finish, slightly glowey. Because it's so similar to the other colors I would not repurchase, but I will throw it in my purse as my nude blush touch-up color (I also keep a pink blush too!). Hope that helps someone =)

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The Body Shop Blush Trio 02 Warm Sunset

Review by i_darling: Other then the peach color, the rest of the two colors are pointless to me. I can't use it as a bronzer because its too frosty/shimmery and I can't use it as a blush because it is too dark/ orangey. =/

Review by askewchick: This is from The Body Shop Pearlescents Fall Make-up collection. It's a trio of complimentary shades of shimmery/bronzy browns that you can use separately, or swirl together for one gorgeous blush color. Has sesame oil added as an antioxidant. I love this product. The only complaint I have is that it has a scent to it that is just not appealing to me. It's hard to describe, but it smells kind of waxy - something you definitely notice as soon as you open the palette. Make sure you take a sniff at the store to see if you can stand it before you buy this. They're on sale now at the store and online.

Review by lipstickcrazy: I am loving this product!! Initially I was just using it as blush (mainly using the 2 lighter shades) but I've discovered the darkest shade is great for bronzer/coutouring and the medium shade is really pretty colour to use as an eyeshadow!!! This product is just so versatile so makes up for the fact that it's a bit on the exy side! I think I bought it for about 35-7 AUS! It is very pigmented so when I use it as a blush I use a stippling brush to apply it! Besides the fact that I think it's a bit pricey I have nothing bad to say bout it!

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mark Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint in Cheeky

Review by minnielouse: I love this product! I rarely use cream blushes so I really enjoy using this type. The color payoff is good. Cheeky gives me a healthy glow as if I just jogged. The color is a bit light, so I like that it's buildable. I apply this over mark's Get A Tint in honey/golden tinted moisturizer. Instead of setting the blush with foundation or translucent powder, I set it with NYX's Angel blush. It not only disturbs the color, but it actually creates longer staying power. The only gripe I have about this product is that it's quiet small. It cost about 6 USD and it's 0.14 oz or 4 grams. But no doubt, I will definitely purchase this product again. But I'll probably wait for a special sale next time.

Review by Springncts: I normally don't like cream blushes because I have dry skin and they tend to drag and/or just sit there like latex paint because they don't blend well on me no matter what I do. However, this one is totally different. It has a very nice texture, not too slippery, not to dry. It goes on nicely and blends like a dream. The stick format of this is nice, just swipe, blend and go. My only problem is that it's so sheer and light in color that it barely shows on my NC20-25 skintone :( However, it's still useful. It makes an excellent base for powder blushes to give them sometihing to "grab" onto so they last longer. Even used on it's own when you may not want a lot of color, this really does gives a nice glow and lives up to the name 'Cheeky' because it's very fresh and innocent-looking, so I can't say I won't repurchase it after I use it up.

Review by gogoamy: I got this on a whim , when my mom first started to get the mark. book with her avon , I thought it looked cute and I liked the thought of a creamy blush , so i tried it.
It is beautiful , I just swip it on my cheeks and blend and I look like i actually have some life in my face ! It gives a slight dewy effect on me to , a nice rosey , pinky glow.
I can layer my MAC powder blushes on top as well and it looks pretty .

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