3 recommended nail polish

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By Sara

3 recommended nail polish ,let's see how good they really are!


Sally Hansen Ultra HD - Spectrum

Review by rebec75: Colorwise, this reminds me of CC's Sexy Siren: turquoise glitter. But the glitter is ultra fine and the formula is smoother. I LOVE this color, but it chipped off in giant flakes after only 3 days, with a base and top coat.

Review by Erin: This is a hard call...I only use this color for my toes! Usually two coats will do for me and it is very attractive. It last really good on my toes. Then again, everything seems to last when it comes to my toes...
I picked this color after being "sold" by the ads in the store. It looks so unique. It is a fun and funky color- that is all I can say.

Review by belladoggie00: On their own they don't work for me, but as a way to add sparkle and even duo-chrome-ness they completely work! I put Spectrum over The Icing Marine Blue (which I did a review for recently) and it was love at first sight! I put over a black and it was like I bought the Orly space collection (I don't know what the actual collection is called).
Spectrum is most a blue transparent nail polish with lots of non chunky micro glitter in blue and some purple that flash in the light. Depending on how you do the manicure it will effect how it looks, which is cool because it could be a whole new experience each time you wear it!
I'm kicking myself because I wish I bought them all since they were a limited collection and only certain shades can found at CVS, target and Walgreens, and I'm looking for ones I don't already have (NEED THAT GREEN AND ORANGE/YELLOW ONE!!)

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OPI A Oui Bit Of Red

Review by tetrakis: Yup, this is a great, bold red. It cheers you up. I do wear it on my hands and don't feel like it's too much.

Review by maribebe: I love this BRIGHT "CRAYOLA"ESQUE IN YOUR FACE RED!!!

It is very bright.....but not too garish....just YES! A BRIGHT CRAYON RED with slight slight shimmer.

I have been looking for this true crayon red forever!

This a almost a dupe for Essie's... E! Live From the Red Carpet..... They were almost identical on my nails when I swatched side by side inside my house!

So, if you have one or the other.... whateva, buy them both.

This does have some "subtle" SHIMMER that is visible in the bottle...but on the nail, with 2 coats, it is very minimal (which is why the Essie is a close dupe)

This was almost opaque with one good coat...but I am a 2-3er and 2 was perfection!

Easy application, great formula and wore for many days without a chip!


Review by Pinki: I LOVE THIS nail polish!!!
I had been searching for the perfect red to become my "signature" color (for lack of something better) for a while and this polish has finally done it for me - it's perfect! The formula is so good and even if you mess up a little while you're painting it barely shows when you dry. I like the regular OPIs much better than OPI for Sephora.
Red is easily the most versatile nail color, you can wear it no matter what and it's so classy.
I bought this today and I feel like I can wear it no matter what...I have a formal in a couple months and I plan on matching my lipstick to these nails :) but I can also wear it with my khaki shorts and white v neck. I love love love this polish and I am so excited about it! EVERYONE should buy this - nothing special in the bottle but AMAZING on nails for anyone who loves red nails.

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Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish - Pulsating

Review by ooliedonna: Gorgeous color, very glamorous. Will repurchase.

Review by ahappyplace: I love love this color! beautiful magenta with purple hints. Goes on smoothly and dries pretty fast. Great quality and remind me some what on an orley nail polish I owned. For the price, you can't beat that!

Review by Jennybear: I have loved fuchsia with blue sheen for as long as I can remember. Love it on my lips and love it on my nails -especially on my toes! Pulsating did not disappoint. Love the shade. Love the coverage. Love the chubby brush. Love how fast it dries. Love the price. I'm a Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish convert!

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