3 recommended makeup brushess

By Fiora

3 recommended makeup brushess ,let's see how good they really are!


Unlisted Brand Studio Tools Crease Brush

Review by ninanina: Awesome brush

Review by blacklittlepig: Seriously why would anyone NOT want to buy these brushes? They're only 2!!! And great quality! Just because some brushes aren't MAC brand doesn't mean they aren't great!!

Review by leeyao: I LOVE THIS BRUSH!!! It's absolutely perfect for the crease. It's soft, fluffy, and does not shed. I've washed mine a bajillion times and haven't had a single problem with it. It was only 2.99! Awesome price for an awesome brush.

I love that it's kind of pointy and tapered, like the bristles in the middle of the brush stick out further than the bristles on the sides. This makes it really easy to get a concentration of color in the center of where you're applying, and also blend and feather the color on the outer edges at the same time. Fantastic brush!

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Everyday Minerals Angled Brow & Liner Brush

Review by ahappyplace: I love this brush. I can't say that I've got anything to compare it with (eye liner virgin until a few months back=P), but it really does what I want it to do. To apply dry eyeshadow and to fill in my brows.

Review by sophie_tan: amazing brush

Review by Viognier: The bristles are definitely too soft and sparse to be a really great brush like the first reviewer said...but the bristles are really soft on the skin and the handle feels really nice and light in the hand which makes lining eyes easier

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Sonia Kashuk Small Duo Fibre Multipurpose Brush

Review by runty: I use this as a stippling brush for my cream blush. I use it lightly to pick up just enough pigment to add color to my cheeks. It's soft enough to not irritate me when I'm stippling. It's also very easy to clean, and the white tips let me know when I've cleaned it enough. Haven't tried it for anything else, but from the way it evenly adds color, I bet it could give you anywhere between light to medium coverage. Give it a go and have some fun finding great uses for it! It's 20% off at Target right now too! :) (I think it's about 7.99 regular price).

Review by pinktulip: This is a very useful brush! It makes my foundation so even and air brushed! My only complaint is that its a tad small..

Review by DawnD: This little brush is wonderful for lightly distributing pigment on smaller areas. I use this with my bronzers that are too dark (im pratty fair) when I am contouring and it does a good job of it and with my highlighters when I want to be more precise. I have not tried it with liquid foundation so I cant comment on that. The brush head is about the size of a nickel. It shed a little at first but nothing major. Overall I like SK's brushes with the exception of their travel brush kits. Although I wouldnt call it a must have brush it def is nice to have. I would reccomend if you use highly pigmented blushes and bronzers.

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