3 recommended lipsticks

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By Vicky

3 recommended lipsticks ,let's see how good they really are!


L'Oreal Colour Riche Star Secrets Nude in Silk

Review by ckgurl714: i purchased this because i was looking for ahd nice smooth drugstore lipstick. i just cant seem to get what i really want when i approach the makeup counters at malls.
i really liked this shade and because hg material for over 5 months. i purchased 2 backups and loved the staying power. now, since i found another lippie that looks a lot better on my nc42 skin, i dont reach for this as much. there is a lot of product on these lippies, and for the price, you get more for what you pay for.

Review by labelslut: IMO this is a true nude. This is the one with Eva Longoria for the Nude collection - under "Brown".

It's more like a subtle pinky-beigey-slightly brownish colour - subtly MLBB. If you've tried Aishwarya Beige.. it's a bit like that, but with a bit more colour, and a bit more opaque, but it's not overly opaque and not at all pasty. Unlike some other lippies, this gem doesn't leave some weirdo pink or orange aftercolour on my lips.

I like how it's actually moisturizing - even in winter, and is IMO a real nude and so easy to apply. Just lovely. The scent doesn't bother me at all. I think this is pretty much a failsafe nude.

Review by miss_mac: I got this at the duty-free shop in Rome - in Europe, these shades are called Made for Me and seem to be a regular part of the line. Silk/Sepia is one of the most beautiful nude shades I've ever tried. While it is quite nude, not surprising since it was designed for dark brunettes like me, the shade has dimension: there appears to be a shimmer element that is so fine that it just provides a glow. The European products are made in France and the quality is a few notches higher than the U.S. ones, although I like them too: this feels more luxuriously moist and creamy, equal to any department store brand I've tried. It still has that bulky tube that I dislike but that's the only fault I can find.
The only place I ever saw these shades here was in Ulta, and they were practically gone by the time I found them. L'Oreal should definitely make this a regular part of their American line.

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Shiseido The Makeup Lipstick in 'Nuance Rose'

Review by Bonnie2842: I like the original color of this product but have found that it doesn't wear well. It wears off to a really harsh blue-toned pink.

Review by Jennybear: I received this Perfecting lipstick (P19 Nuance Rose) as a GWP...and WOW...I honestly never expected a lip product to last this long!!! I was truly amazed. I only wore it for 8 hours, today, before I took it off...but man, I drank and I ate...and there isn't even a smidge of colour on the print I left on my glass. It's insane. Totally worth the price of a full-size since you probably only need one application a day. Knocked my socks off.

Review by Leelee57: Bought this at a fleamarket, that's why it wasn't expensive for me. I like their Sheer Gloss lipstick formula better, but this is still a decent lipstick. "Nuance Rose" is a medium rose shade. I found that their regular lipstick is very pigmented, the texture is creamy and moisturizing. I have to apply it with a lip brush, so the color isn't so intense.

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Lancome Juicy Rouge -Brownie

Review by shelby1123: I am NC30. This colour looks really nice with my skin tone, and it seems to be very moisturizing. I think it is a bit of a rip off for what it is, but I still like it. It was 27 canadian. I think I would buy it in a different shade, but it all really depends on my mood. I normally never buy lancome, but i felt like buying something today, so......... i got this, and a few eyeshadows.

Review by tetrakis: Brownie is a plum based brown with subtle shimmer. This feels lovely when I first apply it, but the sensation doesn't last long and I find myself applying it more often than I'd like. Juicy Rouge lipsticks have a candy scent that I don't care for. Overall, a nice product and gorgeous color but not a "must have".

Review by lorrainer07: I absolutely love this color. It doesnt look all that tempting until you put it on, then you will never want to take it off. I would say it looks like a chocolate/berry color with glitter. Sleek and funky packaging. Im hooked on juicy rouge!

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