3 recommended lip glosss brand

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By Sara

3 recommended lip glosss brand,let's see how good they really are!


L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Gloss in Soft Pink

Review by kjjamm808: This is a perfect pink lip gloss with a little bit of shimmer. It makes my lips shine and look slightly larger. I also purchased this based on the rec from the Charla Krupp book. It is a great lip gloss. I have also repurchased this. The price is also inexpensive.

Review by island_honey: I recently purchased four of these in different shades from Ulta. They had a BOGO sale so each one was a cheap 2.50. Soft pink looks light pink rose in the tube but there's practically zero color on my lips, just a bit of a shine. I like the non-sticky texture though.

Review by Keva: I love the color and the texture of this product! I finally found a petal pink lipgloss that isn't sticky, affordable, and doesn't taste weird. The lasting power isn't that strong but at the moment, that's something I'm not really concerned about. Now if I can only find a lipstick that has the same color!

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L'Oreal Colorjuice- Bali Dancer

Review by nechama22: Found one in the back rack of a walgreens for a buck 87! Can't beat that, so I grabbed it. Lucky me! It's a wonderful salmony pink that looks so good on my brown/brown paleish self. It looks better with a tan (thanks, track days!) but it's wonderful. I was overwhelmed by the smell at first, but I got used to it quickly and now I'm obssessed. I wish it wasn't dc'd.

Review by Pinki: Very pretty cotton candy pink. No shimmer really but gives a nice wet pout. I dont like to put these directly on my dry lips casue then they feel a little too tacky and thick. I prefer to put on a little bit of rosebud salve first and then glide these on. Granted they dont last as long this way as they do on there own but they still last longer than most other lipglosses. This color is very pretty, flirty and feminine. I would not buy this again becuase a) ill probbalyu never use it up b) i think its LE and c) there are so many other colors id rather try. Still looking for Mai Tai!!!

Review by lizbert: Bali Dancer is a cute summer lipcolor; a pigmented iridescent medium semi-bright warm pink. It looks like it may have slight corally tones. The texture is very sticky and has the usual super sweet raspberry candy scent.

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NARS Stella lipgloss

Review by Capprii: Stella is a gorgeous berry tinted YLBB color. It's not as sticky as some of my other NARS glosses, and consequently, it doesn't last as long. It is a beautiful gloss, however, and I think it's worth the extra applications throughout the day.

Review by IiIy: My very first NARS product! I love Stella! Just the right shade for me. It's kind of a more intense version of my own lip color - a fairly berry red. Wonderful texture that is not sticky at all (a big plus), great pigmentation, and a light shine.
The only thing I don't like is the price. 24 is pricey for a lip gloss. I do love it though. Darn. This is my first and only one, so we'll see how long I can make it last. I haven't had to reapply very much, so one application does last. We'll see...

Review by aml1: This is a lovely sheer rosy color - almost a carmelized rose, really. There's a warm quality to the color that keeps it from turning too bright on me, and the shimmer is enough to make it shiny without being over the top. The texture is quite different from other NARS glosses - not nearly so sticky or drying. This has a nice slip to it, but the price you pay is lack of lasting power. It does leave a pretty rosy stain behind, but the need to reapply so frequently is a detriment when you consider the outrageous cost of this and all NARS products. It's a truly lovely color and has no stickiness or discernible taste; I'd give it 5/5 if not for the way it disappears almost immediately.

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