3 recommended fragrances review

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By Monica

3 recommended fragrances review,let's see how good they really are!


Skindecent Scents

Review by Alexis: I've tried a lot of her scents, and theyre great! My favorites are Maraschino Cherry, Toasted Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Banana Cream Pie...... I could just keep going. And her scents are housed in amazing products!

Review by stellaluna2: I love these products, especially the Pink Sugar dupe in Moisturizing Body spray and Whipped Moisture Cream. The staying power for these products is phenom (lasted for over ten hours!) The testure of the skin cream is luscious! Definitely looking forward to trying these products in different scents!

Review by wunverdoll: I have the Egyptian Musk and Kenneth Black for women in roll ons. These are very long lasting and are wonderful scents. A good buy too. Her Egyptian musk is to die for-light white musk. The roll ons let out a good amount of the perfume but not too much. A great buy.

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Demeter Mulled Cider

Review by fuxxy: I recently made my first Demeter purchase, and got this along with about 5 other scents. This is definately my favorite. Since it's almost summer time, this will probably wait a few months before I actually wear it a lot since it's more a fall scent. But it literally does smell like hot cider! It smells delicious. When i first smelled it in the bottle it smelled more like potpourri, but when I put it on it wasn't too bad.

Review by Newme: This is a great fall/winter scent. It smells just like its name. Like hot spiced apple cider. You can smell the notes of spices, apple, and autumn so well you can almost taste them! This lasts all day on me, and I get a lot of compliments. The only complaint I have is that when people ask what I'm wearing and I reply "Mulled Cider" They think I'm saying "Mold Cider" which is a turn-off. :-) But I would definitely repurchase as this is one of my faves!

Review by London84: Yet another wonderful Demeter and I'm glad to have it in my fragrance library! One whiff of this will remind you of hot apple cider and warmth... the whole scenario plays itself out in my head when I smell it! A fire crackling in the fireplace, the warm air embraces you as the aroma of hot mulled apple cider wafts from the kitchen .... and the warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays breaks forth from its hiding place and fills you to the brim.... yep, definitely a fall/winter fragrance that I shall guard carefully! And with that being said, I want some apple cider now.....*wanders off to the kitchen*

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GAP Beauty Sueded Musk

Review by kitten75: I love Sueded Musk! As mentioned below, this is definitely a musk laced heavily with vanilla and, I'm happy to say, has great sillage and staying power. Even better, this was 50% off, so I was able to buy one for me and one for my sister (who loves it too).
If you like musk, you should check this out! Even at full price it's a great deal.

Review by liselise1: i just bought this gem today in the roll-on bottle! it is a very soft,sensual,clean and delicate scent...I LOVE IT!!! it is free of alcohol so the scent goes on true,aside from white musk from the body shop,this is the BEST musk i have ever tried!!! the little bottle has a linen case and it is perfect for your purse...try this one if you enjoy musk!!!

Review by Sybil84: This is eerily similar to CSP's Musc Alize: both are a heavy, sour, difficult-to-take mix of vanilla and musk. I have never been able to wear vanilla musk fragrances despite the fact that musk is my very favorite fragrance note. There's something about the mixture that literally makes me gag. This is perhaps the worst product of its kind that I have found, followed by Musc Alize. It didn't help that perfume oils also irritate my sensitive skin.

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