3 recommended fragrance

By Elena

3 recommended fragrance ,let's see how good they really are!


Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Cimabue

Review by Olive143: I ordered this as a sample size. It smells like a spicy, gourmand autumn candle. It's too strong for me to wear on my skin though.

Review by island_honey: I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn in her Boulder studio this summer, and it was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my lifetime. I love Cimabue, even though I don't usually go for spicy fragrances. The spices are muted and balanced by the other notes. This will be my fall fragrance, perhaps for life. I wanted to comment about the staying power of her perfumes. She shared something with me during our visit that rang exquisitely true: applying fragrance is part of the experience, which makes reapplying a pleasure. She also noted that when a fragrance lasts too long it gets to be like background noise, getting in the way of one's thoughts. I couldn't agree more, and I have no qualms with the staying power of Cimabue or any other of her perfumes. I will gladly decant and respray as necessary.

Review by kjjamm808: On my skin, this is mostly the scent of astringent, bitter saffron mixed with rich, honeyed rice pudding, spices, and a handful of floral notes. It's not a dupe of L'Artisan's Safran Troublant, a perfume I once didn't care for but now find sweet, gentle, and completely FBW. I don't think it's better than ST. It's busier, for sure, but busier isn't always better. Actually, I find it frustrating to wear much of the time. There are some notes in it that I love but I find that I only enjoy them for a few moments at a time, as they always get smothered out by some pushy floral or spice note. It's also much too overpriced, but that's nothing new for DSH scents. I think I'll just get a full bottle of Safran Troublant when it becomes available.

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Shiseido Feminite du Bois

Review by runty: Feminite du Bois was one of those fragrances I purchased just after 1 testing. It's one of my signatures (yeah, I have few), it's the kind of fragrance I think that's dedicated to me.
First of all you get balm and resins out of it. Incense, animalistic honey. And tender carnations like aura gathering all these warm, strong notes.
Sometimes, in warm weather it may smell dirty, very dirty. That's why I decided that it's best in colder days, for warm ones it may be too sharp. But it isn't sharp at all, it's pretty polished scent (if you know what I mean, f.e. Alien is very polished, smooth ).

Review by Bonnie2842: Very cedary/clovey - pencil shavings and coke. Really nice, soft, almost sweet. Something I will wear occasionally but it's not a necessity for me.

Review by lorrainer07: absolutely gorgeous
tried it after reading about it here and havent stopped wearing it since

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Montale Red Aoud

Review by cosmokid: Lots of vanilla woody undertones with the medicinal almost metallic aoud scent. Pretty linear-- doesn't change much from squirt to drydown. Not for me-- just too much of that low sweet base for me.

Review by JT14: Gorgeous, but very hard to describe. The Perfumed Court describes it as "buttery, almost gourmand", and it is. It is also the most velvet red rose. When I first put it on last night, I smelled the rose and thought, "Oh, no." However, I couldn't stop smelling it. The longer I wore it, the more entranced I became. It has lasted all night (I put it on in the evening), and now I hate to shower because that is all I have of the sample. TPC lists the following notes: aoud, pepper, iris, saffron, cumin, Haitian vetiver and Mysore sandalwood. If there isn't rose in this, then the aoud used smells alot like a velvety red rose.

Review by clnfox: Red Aoud... yum. Starts off strong, spicy-rosey-cinnamony, with a heavy and dynamite wood base. Seven hours later, the drydown (soft, warm, cinnamon musk(?) aoud) is still going strong. This is interesting, and sexy. Almost dirty sexy. Think Musc Ravaguer sexy. They don't smell alike, but the feeling of rich warmth of skin, sweet spicy goodness, and the lasting power and sillage factor make them relatives. Sillage and tenacity are three points out of three. I will definately be using my sample of this one, this is one hot mama. Probably not work appropriate unless your workplace condones blatant sexuality; this is the olafactory equivilent of a red satin bustier with matching garter belt and black patent leather peep toe stilletos.

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