3 recommended face scrubs

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By Fiora

3 recommended face scrubs ,let's see how good they really are!


C.O. Bigelow Tropical Fruit Face Scrub

Review by lorrainer07: I think the best thing about this product is how good it smells! It smells so yummy and it has natural ingredients. My skin looks brighter after I use it, so I guess it does what it is supposed to do. What can I say I love scrubs. Try this one!

Review by Jessimau: I don't have any major skin problems, other than a little sensitivity, but when I hit 30, I started to feel like my skin needed a little something to help it look better. I bought this on impulse- thinking that "fruit acids" sounded a lot less intimidating than alpha-hydroxy-whatevers. I'm really glad I bought it! I use it kind of like a mask (the instructions say leave 2-5 minutes) while I'm in the shower; the scrub aspect of it is not rough/harsh at all, just enough to do the job I think. Since I've been using this product (1-2 times per week), my skin has felt softer and looked brighter, and I've had fewer breakouts. Only drawback is there is increased sensitivity/slight burning right after use, but that is very short lived, and I think the results are worth it.

Review by Capprii: I bought this on a whim. It smells intriguing enough, and it is very mild. But it was, in fact, too mild to even take off my make-up, and when I woke up the next morning after using it, I discovered a mess of blush and foundation on my pillow. I don't think that scrubs should be harsh, but they should do the job of, well, actually scrubbing. This would be a good product to use on an already-clean face, or if you don't use much make-up.

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Laura Mercier spiced honey body scrub

Review by ahappyplace: This is not my kind of scrub. It isn't very moisturizing at all, just granular and sticky. Yes, it exfoliates but that's it. I like the like honey scent, but it is too subtle. Once this scrub is rinsed off, it leaves little if any scent on my skin. The ONLY reason this doesn't get a 1 rating is that the smell is so pretty even if it doesn't last.

Review by blyss: This smells spiked with rum or some other liquer. I love foodie scents but will not buy again because this is a bit cloying. The price leaves a lot to be desired as well. If it were cheaper I would probably buy again but not at these prices

Review by Vaniessa: PROS: moisturizing, exfoliating without being hard, smells great; CONS: expensive at 46 for 12 ounces, glass container is attractive but dangerous; COMMENTS: larger granules than other sugar scrubs I've used; very viscous

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Kiss My Face oatmeal and honey facial scrub

Review by Stampy_76: This scrub/masque burned and stung so badly I couldn't wait to rinse it off. As soon as I put it on it started stinging. After about 15 seconds it was burning so badly I had to rinse it off. I was left with red splotches all over my skin and had to put an ice pack on my face afterwards to cool it down. I have oily/sensitive skin and have been looking for a gentle exfoliating scrub. I was excited about this one because I thought the all-natural ingredients would be gentle. I was completely wrong. The exfoliating grains were too scratchy and the stinging and burning was unbearable.

Review by IiIy: My favorite scrub so far. The consistency is thick, more of a mud or a paste than a cream, and I get a more effective scrub with this than with jojoba-based products like REN, but less scratchiness than St. Ives or Suki. I do occasionally use it as a mask as well, and while it doesn't harden, my face glows after washing it off - not an easy feat with my angry skin. It has parabens and propylene glycol, so it's probably not suitable for the wicked sensitive or chemically neurotic, but overall it's quite a good product for an agreeable price.

Review by navarre: This scrub/mask is super! I typically put it on, scrub my face a bit with it, then leave it on for a few minutes (have left it on for an entire relaxing bath, though, which is maybe half an hour to an hour). When I remove it, my face is a little red at first but it is so smooth - no more flaky dry skin or bumps! The scrubby things (I can't remember what they use - seeds/pieces of nut shell or something?) are perfect - there are enough of them to actually make a difference (unlike a few scrubes I've tried, like murad and the one at bath and body works that smells like pumpkin), but it's not harsh or scratchy. Smells pretty good. It does make one look hideous - my cat hissed at me!! The only other scrub I've found to be as nice is the one from origins (papaya and something, was brown in color). - just looked it up - Never a Dull Moment.

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