3 recommended eyeshadows

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By Helen

3 recommended eyeshadows ,let's see how good they really are!


Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Mermaid

Review by JettNY: Upside: A totally unique shade. Mermaid is a great name for it because, like the scales of some beautiful fish, it flashes blue, green or gold depending on how the light hits it. Also reminds me of peacock feathers a bit. Very high quality as with all Laura Mercier products I have tried. Very flattering on my cool PPP complexion and brings out the gold in my brown eyes.
Downside: A tad on the expensive side. The older style compacts can be hard to open and they are opaque so you have to open them to see the shade which can be annoying when you have to pry each one.

Review by spitfireseven: One of my new favorite eyeshadows. Very pretty light greenish-blue. High-impact shimmer that stands out on my Asian MMM skin. I like this with Pewter in a "V" on the outer corner of my eyes. I also layer it under NARS Ecstasy (a light seafoam green-blue) to intensify the color and bring the shimmer down a notch.

Review by lmharte: Looks great and compliments and brightens my deep dark brown eyes and MMM olive complexion ! a beautiful aqua with sheer golden shimmer. It goes on sheer and blends well. Can be used on day as a sheer look or can add extra layer for dramatic night look. Beautiful color and is going to my favorite summer eye shadow.

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L'Oreal On-the-Loose - Orb

Review by ninanina: This color sounded so promising, but actually looked really blah on my GGG tan skin. It was too grayish or...something. It gave me that nice corpse look...but I think it would work much better on lighter shades of skin.

Review by pulidobl: Meh. Orb is a shimmering taupe with a touch of silver shimmer to it - It blends right into my skin, only leaving a bit of its silvery shimmer behind. While it does look pretty, this is one of the OTLs I could have done without. It's quite similar to MAC Honesty, but a bit more talc-y and less vibrant. I have yet to use it wet, if I ever reach for it again. I think this would be best suited for skintones ligher than NC30, or DDDs. It just melts right into my olive skin.

Review by labelslut: i have used up 3 of these and bought 3 more. definitely the most used eyeshadow i have ever owned and the only one that i have gone through and bought 3 more as backup which i am glad i did since l'oreal flipped their lid and discontinued the whole OTL line. i get compliments all the time on it. it looks like a normal tan but goes on a silvery taupe and the texture goes on very smooth and naturally blends well on my tan skin. STAPLE

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Stila Dapple pro shadow

Review by AimeeO: This is a very pretty silvery lavendar color that shows up on my skin as a deep silver color. I do wish it appeared more purple, and I mix it with Mulberry (pro) to get that effect, but overall this is a lovely color that would suit cool-toned PPP's.

Review by omegakitty: I wouldn't have bought this if it weren't in a palette. It looks scary to a fair warm-toned girl such as myself. The color in the pan is deceptive.
Goes on buttery-soft. Doesn't blend for a hill of beans, so more care is needed with its application. STAYs on all day. Pairede with UDPP in Sin, it becomes a gorgeous way to wear a mono, and requires eye makeup remover at the end of the day.
Looks awesome on my NC20/25 skin. Even moreso on the cool-toned girls. WOW. Versatile!

Review by cloud0204: I returned this shadow. I never really return makeup. It looked nice in my palette, but ultimately, it was just blah on me. I am pretty fair, strawberry blonde hair, light brown eyes and not many freckles. On me, the shadow looked like a silvery/copper metal color or a dark taupe. I always wear purples, so to me, this had no plum. It was neither here nor there, if that makes any sense to you. There are just so many other wonderful colors. I could see this looking good on someone with less pink in their skin and darker hair. Even still, the shadow needs some brown, purple, or black added to it. It reminds me of a more gray or less brown Mocha Cup by Estee Lauder. The texture is nice though.

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