3 recommended eyeshadows review

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By Vicky

3 recommended eyeshadows review,let's see how good they really are!


NARS Cream Eye Shadow - Zardoz

Review by rebec75: This is a wonderful smoky eye base for me. I love its texture and it's very long lasting.

Review by AimeeO: aww I think its unfair that this lovely product got such a bad review, I'll chose to believe it was just misunderstood =) I love NARS products especially for the way they can be built up, and what better way to start then with a cream base to intensify your eyeshadows on top, Zardoz is the first cream I have tried from NARS and I can't wait to buy more, Its so hard finding the blackest black, but when you layer this under any dark eyeshadow super dark colours pop, I love!

Review by bunnyrabbit: I found this black eye cream messy and dident like the result i longed for..ive used ruby and millie' black i.'..and this was better..
SINCE TRIED the zardoz with powder colours over the top..its still not wow but works.

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Origins Lotus Flower eyeshadow

Review by KateN: pretty color. nothing to write home about as it didnt really do anything for me. origins e/s are great because if you dont wear primer they will still stay on your lids due to the sticky/grain texture, but since i do wear primer i prefer other e/s to this.

Review by kit_kat68:
good color with affordable price.

Review by Vaniessa: this color is pretty nice. it works well with a variety of colors, or just by itself

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Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow - all shades

Review by clnfox: I Bought this product some time ago, for a bargin price!!!!, I have to be honest that was the only reason I bought it ,I was truly amazed by how smooth it looked on the eye lid,and it last all day
this has to be the best best cream eye shadow I have ever bought get product highly recommended :~)

Review by Capprii: It took me about 3 tries to appreciate this eyeshadow. The first couple of times, it felt really wet on my lids (like when a dog licks your face, lol!). Plus, I had used my fingertip and I got it on all messy, and it was hard to remove once it dried. The third time, I used the applicator, and painted it on carefully onto my lids, and put on the rest of my makeup as it dried. I could feel it drying; it tightens up a little. Anyway, the staying power is incredible. I use the beige shade for everyday wear, and the shiny metallic definitely gives my eyes a nice pop. It comes off easily with facial cleanser and water, which is also amazing since it sticks like paint. I'm now content using it, but I will likely not repurchase simply because I don't use it enough, so I won't run out anytime soon. Who knows, it may dry out in the pot, will have to see.

Review by leeyao: Please bring Bourjois back to the US!! I love, love, love everything about this line and these eye shadows are great. I picked up a number of them when I was in London this summer and and wish I could find more of this over here. The pigmentation is great and the staying power is great!

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