3 recommended eyeshadows comparison

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By Helen

3 recommended eyeshadows comparison,let's see how good they really are!


Chanel Shadowlights- Fracas

Review by glossgal_01: A glowing blue-ish lavender; a blue violet (not a red violet). Thin consistency that blends very well, and opaquely (you don't have to use 16 layers in order to see it!). Stays put, and stays all day. This is an "evening" color because it's very glamorous and yet light, waking up your face and having a very luminous (glamorous) quality.

Review by kimby83: Quite simply, gorgeous. My MA used a dab of this on the lid on top of the Variations quad. This shadow is everything I wish the Quads were: creamy, easy to blend, and don't make my eyelids look unnecessarily crepey (I'm 38). This particular color is perfect to make green eyes POP!

Review by lizbert: I have no idea why this pretty, satiny pastel lilac shade is named "Fracas" as it is classy and understated. It is great as a highlighter and it flashes a pale silvery-purple when applied. The texture is soft and the effect is a light, satin gleam that accentuates and illuminates the eyes, not harsh or glittery. It is a bit too cool for my complexion so I find myself reaching for the more neutral taupe Vega instead.

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L.A. Colors Mineral Eyeshadows All Colors

Review by oneofmylies99: I don't think it's ultra pigmented. I just have purple and white. If I saw the black, I'd get it, but it wasn't there. For one dollar, the purple can be a nice lilac, or lavender if sheered out, or a good, strong purple if wet.
The white is too ghostly however. I can't really use it for anything. Too chalky.

Review by sophie_tan: Got this in black. Doesn't look completely black with plastic on but once swatched is highly pigmented and very black. Also has little hints of shimmer. Only 1

Review by Dimitra: I saw these at dollar tree today and thought I'd give a few of the colors a try since they're so cheap...OMG, I love these, highly, highly pigmented, smooth, almost silky and super easy to blend. I got the black, green/teal, copper and purple. I'm going back tomorrow for the rest of the colors and I'm thinking of getting another black and copper since both are beyond superb! Like other have already said, the pans are also HUGE, more like a blush pan than an eyeshadow pan, I'll probably never finish these

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Stila Apres Ski e/s trio

Review by kat_25: This is one of the prettiest trios from Stila. There are three shades to create a really pretty smoky eye, the first being a shimmery medium pink, then a medium shimmery gray, similar to Fog and there's a matte charcol, which is great for lining. :-)

Review by Bethany09: Others have described these colors well, so I will only say ... GORGEOUS . This is one of Stila's most beautiful trios, up there with Boho Sage and Capri colors IMO.

Review by Cygentte3: I happen to love grays so I love this set! Apres ski has a light shimmery peachy shade to highlight, a shimmery medium gray and a darker matte gray for lining. A very pretty trio but I cant say the colors are that unique. But it is still gorgeous!

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