3 recommended eyeshadow review

By Marcella

3 recommended eyeshadow review,let's see how good they really are!


Urban Decay Naked Matte shadow

Review by island_honey: So I first bought the Naked Pallette and loved the color "naked" in it. I use it all the time, def one of my fav's in the whole thing - I use it every day practically. So when I found out that it is being discontinuted as a single, I had to get my hands on one for when I run out. So I went online to ACW and bought it.
I got it in the mail yesterday, It is a whole lot lighter in color then the color in the pallette. I am not sure what the deal is, but I was quite disappointed. The single is no where near the same shade. Pallette "naked" color is darker. Just thought I would warn all of y'all - it doesn't seem to be the same. Quality is top notch as usual for UD Mattes however.

Review by lorrainer07: I really like this shade. I was getting a little tired of of all the glittery, shimmery shades that came in my UD Skull palette and wanted to try one of their matte shades. This has the same wonderful, silky, smooth texture as their other shadows, but is very neutral and subtle for days I don't want my eyes to look too "done." The warm beige-brown looks good on my eyelids even though my coloring is on the cooler side, I think because it is so subtle. I am keeping my fingers crossed that UD comes out with a palette with their matte shades - I would definitely buy it.

Review by pinkiiish: Very nice neutral, creamy eyeshadow. I have tried many others but I like this one best.

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Fyrinnae Fyrinnae Loose Eye Shadow in Equality

Review by bklyncowgirl: Very, very glittery. However, not a chunky glitter, but the fine, multicolor rainbowy kind. The description compares it to holos, but I find it more a of a hot mess. Not one of my favorite Fyr shadows, though I love shimmer and taupey neutrals, this one is just a miss for me.

Review by SisleyAus: What an interesting product! Looked boring gray in the pot, but multi-dimensional on my eye lids. It is...kind of silver, kind of green....like a fish...a bit blue, sometimes...
I really cannot find the right words for it.
Sadly, not really my color, I think, so would not re-purchase. Also, too much glitter.
Sorry Fyrinnae, love your eye shadows but this wasn′t for me!

Review by pink_cosmos: a lot of Fyrinnae's shadows look better in the pot that on the skin, while this color is actually holographic and multicolored the glitters are so small that it doesn't show up on skin that well it just ends up looking like a sheer multicolored mettalic, I wasn't impressed with this one.

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NYX gunmetal 132A

Review by sleepyone: This is my go to evening grey/charcoal shadow. I use a very light hand because Gunmetal is very pigmented, and my 48 yr. old eye lids cannot carry really dark colors anymore. I use this with the silver from L'oreal HIP metallics ~ which is the best silver I have ever seen both DS or HE. Love NYX eye shadows ~ may not buy this color again, but I will purchase others...

Review by ooliedonna: I'm surprised there are no other review for this shade of NYX. This is a stunner! I had wanted to do a grey shadow look and p/u the stila red carpet palette at beautycrunch--a definite no go for my skin tone. I handed that off to my daughter and it looks absolutely stunning on her.
This is a true gunmetal color that looks great on my NW25-30 skin.. Appears on the skin exactly the same as it is in the pan. Its very shimmery--almost like a frost finish. Is very pigmented, but with one application its not too dark for a lid color. Definitely buildable color. Most peeps would likely use it as a crease/V color.

Review by Cygentte3: I agree with the person who wondered why this eyeshadow hasn't gotten more love! This color is absolutely stunning and is probably one of the most pigmented of the NYX shadows. It's the perfect "gunmetal gray" with the right amount of sparkles!

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