3 popular nail polishs

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By Elena

3 popular nail polishs ,let's see how good they really are!


OPI Diva of Geneva

Review by suze9_8: ALL PROS: Typical OPI quality makes it easy to apply (usually metallics turn out streaky and weird when I put them on). Gorgeous dark, dark metallic grape with a touch of merlot. ;-) The color indoors is much closer to the 2nd pic than the first.
I'll bring it down to a 4 til I see if this chips on me easily. It seems from the many reviews here that it may be a problem.
****Mine came out with more reddish brown mixed in with the "grape" than these pics. show.*****

Review by Chloeclover: Generally I love OPI's polishes, but this was really meh. The color -- red with sort of gold flecks -- somehow sounds much prettier than it actually looks. I thought it wound up looking kind of dull on my hand, and I usually wear reds pretty well. And because it's a metallic, it goes on sort of gloppy and streaky, unlike the cremes, which always go on beautifully. And also like a lot of other metallics, it never really dries quite hard enough for my taste; it chipped by the next day, which the OPI cremes rarely do on me.
I don't mind some metallics, but I definitely won't be buying this one again.

Review by jlinh2u: I honestly can't tell what the exact color of this nail polish is :-) It always looks different depending on the light - from violet to plum and then metallic red. Very unique in my opinion and gorgeous!

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China Glaze Gilded Treasures

Review by pulidobl: This is the perfect gold for me (for reference, NC25, olive skin). Gilded Treasures is a pale frosty gold with subtle silver micro-shimmer flecked throughout. It's not too yellow, and not too orange or bronze, but just a beautiful pale gold. The silver shimmer gives it a little bling and a nice sheen, and helps to balance the gold. One coat covers somewhat sheerly, two coats is fairly opaque. I have a thing for yellow/gold polishes, and this one is definitely my favorite so far.

Review by runty: A nice light opaque gold polish with subtle sparkles infused in it. Nothing special but it's a pretty good color. It's more of a yellow gold than a taupe-y gold or something like that.

Review by Graceteix: If you like golds, this will be a must-have for you. If you're like me and you're "ify" on golds, it could go either way. Its a lighter opaque yellowish gold with lots of sparkle. I got really good coverage in 2 coats and the application was very smooth. I'm just not sure how good this really looks with my fair/neutral skintone. I'll keep it for now and experiment with layering.

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Maybelline Colorama - 5-day Color - Cocoa Motion

Review by dxgirly: It was so cheap! I was looking for a deep cranberry/plummy color and this seemed a dark plummy brown. I think it looks more brown in some lights and more purpley in others. I like the subtle shimmer. It chips on the tips for me soon after application but I do type a lot! :P Other than that I notice nothing special about the staying power from other polishes. I do love the tiny, slim and cute bottle though! And I love the name-"Cocoa Motion!"

Review by nishie: This is one of the only nail polishes that I have felt sexier after applying. It is a fabulous raisin color that could lean toward goth but has more of a 1940s or a Chanel Vamp feel to it. Though it never lasts me five days and takes a while to dry, you can't get any better as far as drug store polishes go color-wise. You can't beat the price either (0.97)!

Review by Olive143: beautiful cranberry/plum-soft brown color. bought after reading MUA reviews. thank you! with one coat it looks more cranberry. 2 coats it looks more plum. looks great on hands and feet. would buy again. polish chipped after 2 days so suggest adding a 2nd top coat to make mani last a little longer.
***Just found out this color is discontinued.

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