3 popular nail polish

By Tifanny

3 popular nail polish ,let's see how good they really are!


Essie Baby Cakes

Review by Graceteix: bought this because it was in the half off bin at a beauty supply store and it seemed like a pretty lavender color. I was scared that it would be a dupe of lilacism, but its a much softer color without the stark pastel look. i think it also has less blue in it. takes 3 coats to reach opacity, but the application isnt too difficult. in the bottle there is a interesting shimmer that doesnt reallyshow up on the nail. oh well, still a lovely classic essie color!

Review by JettNY: This is a pretty, glossy grayish lilac--but I made the mistake of putting it on my toes, which brings out the grayness and makes my toes look sickly. Still like the color though--next time, I'll try it on my hands--think it will work better there!

Review by isabellet: The perfect (light) purple! I used it on my toenails and it looks great. This polish is opaque, rather than sheer, like many lilacs seem to be.

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Sinful Secret Admirer

Review by nechama22: I picked this up on a whim, thinking it'd be a glittery polish to wear over black or something, I got a nice surprise when I tried it on it's own and found out that it's quite opaque! This color is a glittery gun metal gray (don't be scared.... the glitter is very fine milled and in no way chunky, tacky, or gaudy.)
It goes on very smooth, and with a base and top coat will last all week with minimal chipping. The color stays pretty glossy, and it wears evenly. I own several sinful polishes and am thrilled with all of them. At 1.99 at walgreens, these are a steal.
The picture I have uploaded is after 3 full days of wear and no touchups. It's lighter in natural lighting, but I was in a pinch.

Review by ZoSo: This is almost a very deep charcoal with microgiltter. I think it's a fresh, hot take on black, and I much prefer microglitter to a frosty look. Sinful colors has so many trendy colors, and for 2, I don't mind buying 6 at a time (or 7 ... or 8 ... LOL). Everytime I'm at Walgreens, I pick up a few more. Can't really speak to the longevity since I change polish every 3 days or so. Also, just a personal opinion, but this or any black looks SO awesome on toes with your "little black dress." As far as the reviewer below who is 20-something and feels she might be too old for a color like this, I say wear what YOU like and what you think is fun .. I'm 53 and I do ... no one has ever commented that I look tacky, not even my 26 year old daugher (and you know she would! LOL). Would I wear "Hello Kitty" decals or designs? Hell no ... but as far as color goes, I what what makes ME feel good.

Review by Dimitra: I loved the color in the bottle and liked it on my nails too until a few hours later when I noticed it had become very dull. A top coat probley would have helped but I ran out and didn't feel like making a trip to the store just for a top coat of polish. One plus was that without using any type of top coat I had no chipping until about day 3 or 4 and I'm used to my Sinful Colors chipping pretty badly by day 2 even with a no chip top coat.

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Ulta Bombshell

Review by blacklittlepig: Bombshell is a blingy red in the bottle, on my nails it was very blingy and the red was just slightly weaker on application then it looks in the bottle which is to be expected I suppose. Honestly I would have to say this is pretty but its not really my type of color...for a glittery red I so much prefer China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It's not a bad polish at all...just didnt stick out at me as being anything special.

Review by runty: This is a beautiful red multi-coloured sparkle. It is my 2nd fav red sparkle besides Ruby Pumps. I am warm/fair and alone it applies kind of sheer and pinkish on me so I layer it over a red creme such as Revlon Red or LCN Rockin Rubies. Again, it is gorgeous and one of my HGs. Very easy to apply.

Review by andij: I think they may have changed the formula for this, because the one I have sounds entirely different from the other reviews. Firstly, this polish is a PINK red with glitter and...HOLO glitter! And furthermore, I got true bottle color with just 2 coats (I posted the picture for the product, forgive my application and the flash, I was too excited to post to wait for natural light). As soon as I applied this for the first time, I ran out to get a backup bottle and am even thinking of getting yet another backup! Probably one of my favorite polishes now, I hope they don't discontinue this color!

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