3 popular lipsticks compare

By Marcella

3 popular lipsticks compare,let's see how good they really are!


Rimmel 620 Coral Queen Moisture Renew

Review by pinktulip: I love this lipstick, it is bright and lary and definitely not for the shy. Not every one can carry off this colour it's hard on pretty much every skin tone but boyyy is it beautiful. I was looking for a katy perry waking up in vegas esque lipstick this is a bit harsher. I feel a more pink than an orange coral. It's extremely bright you will get a few stares. It moisturises amazingly almost like a balm but because of that staying power is not the best. It also magnifiys dry lips! I'm not too sure if this is just my lipstick but i feel bits on my lips sometimes i'm not too sure though. The packaging is a cute dark purple with silver and it's so cheap you can afford to buy it and not like it

Review by Graceteix: Fashionable and fun! The texture is good, spreads well and has a good coverage. It's a beautiful color and the lipstick is well pigmented and very moisturizing, although it's more like a bright pink than orange, like I expected. I don't think it quite matches my skin tone but I would still wear it in a sunny spring day or for a nightclub. The package is very charming, in a lovely purple color. The price was ?5, from a drugstore with 50% off.

Review by YolandaMC: SUCH a beautiful colour. It's very buildable even though it is quite bright. When I first swatched it on my hand it looked rather sheer but just swiping it on a couple more times the colour became very intense. I love this lipstick but I wouldn't purchase it again because it bleeds like no tomorrow. I have rather big lips and when this bleeds and feathers out...it makes me look like I have clown lips. Not a good look!! And after a while, it leaves a ring around my lips that make it look like I'm wearing heavy lipliner. And yes, I have tried putting a nude lipliner underneath so the lipstick has something to grab onto but it still manages to feather out. So if you don't mind reapplying your lipstick every hour and fixing the feathered edges, then I say go for it! The colour is beautiful. I always get stopped and asked what lipstick I'm wearing

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Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick - Perplex

Review by scrapdoll: Definitely the best "my lips but better" color that I've found from ANY brand, Perplex (Hydrabase #24) is a lovely, creamy bronzy-plum. In the tube it looks darker and more metallic than it really is. It does have a rose-y scent that may bother some, but I don't mind the scent, and it doesn't irritate my very dry, sensitive skin. I apply with a lip brush to get more out of the tube, since it is so expensive (approx 24 US; ridiculous price for a lippie, to be sure, but drugstore lippie prices are not far behind!!) The Chanel SA applied Pagoda Glossimer over the Perplex, and the two colors (and formulas) work well together if one wanted the staying power of a regular lippie paired with a gloss for additional shine and/or comfort. I will re-purchase the Perplex when necessary; the Pagoda glossimer is on my wishlist for a future purchase!!

Review by staci01: Deep reddened plum with shimmer.

Review by diachu21: This along with Sirène and Vertigo were calling out to me when I went to exchange some things at the Chanel counter. Gorgeous golden/bronze wine shimmer. Minus for the awful plastic/rose hydrabase scent - I just have to bear it because all three colors were just too gorgeous to pass up.

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Sephora Lip Attitude - Glamour in Innocent Beige 19

Review by Cordelia: I just got this today and really like it. The color is a perfect nude for me and feels really creamy on my lips. It was on sale for half off which is a great deal. Well worth 6. I returned this to sephora today. Good color but it stayed on for only like 30 minutes! I got tired of re applying this. Even for 6 I expect more then that. The sephora asscociate said they are re formulating their products due to customer complaints....

Review by meeshmu: The shade looks perfect...But shows up too sheer! Was hoping for some more color payoff but just made my lips look glossy and shimmery rather than the shade I'd hoped for.

Review by kat_25: This is a beautiful subtle nude that is very glossy. It can be sheer but buildable and it's an easy lipstick to just throw on without a mirror because of the light formula. It's a great everyday pinkish nude for NC37 and probably other skintones as well. Very moisturizing but has a tendency to slide off the lips in about 30 minutes.

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