3 popular fragrance

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By Stella

3 popular fragrance ,let's see how good they really are!


Montale Greyland

Review by GreeneyedGal: This perfume is unisex or else mostly meant for men but I adore it. A strong oriental, woody smell with cedar, sandalwood, cumin, musk. When I put it on the scent lasts for ages. My only complaint is that this is too exclusive for my wallet.

Review by lipstik: Originally reviewed on 12/6/2006 6:21:00 PM
Greyland starts out smelling like a Mediterranean kitchen filled with rosemary, thyme and a hint of black pepper. As it warms up on my skin a slight note of dry frankincense unfurls, accentuated by woods and cardamom. The overall feeling of this scent is a subdued dryness, and it's austerity reminds me a bit of L'Artisan's Timbuktu. I find this perfume very wearable, as it is not spoiled by any sweet notes. To me, this fragrance represents the beautiful Oregon winter - brooding, rainy, grey and poetic. It is a very subtle fragrance that stays close to the skin.

Review by Jennybear: With my chemistry, Greyland turns into a whole lot of cumin supported by some nice woods and oregano -- much too foody for my taste. It reminds me of preparing a gourmet meal in a top-of-the-line kitchen. It's a beautiful composition overall (as other reviewers have said, austere, taut, dry, understated), but not worth the price.

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Parfumerie Generale Iris Taizo

Review by omegakitty: I adore this scent! I found other iris scents to be too ethereal, feathery, powdery and cold. Iris Taizo has a spicy honey and cardamom opening that makes me swoon! Then the resinous iris arrives and melts into a soft woody, slightly vanilla base. There is contrast but it all fits together. The woodiness never over powers, just gives the airy iris something warm to rest on in this perfectly balanced relationship. This is a potent scent and lasts all day for me. FBW? You betcha!

Review by fuxxy: This is the Aveda type Iris scent. It is all rooty earthy goodness--it makes me feel healthy just sniffing it, it's so herbal and wholesome. Not for everyone to be sure, but one of the more interesting Iris renditions out there, imo. I got a good deal of moss from this fragrance in the opening, and then it dries down to sweet woods and some spice--cardamom? nutmeg? I like it very much, but don't go for it if you're expecting an Iris Nobile type iris, cause this ain't it.

Review by redheadjane: I was so excited to smell Iris Taizo but I?m afraid it doesn?t live up to my hopes. To me it smells very much like Refresher sweets. My mother detected a bit of onion in it. It gives me a slight headache. Oh ? and where is the cardamom? I cannot find the cardamom! I?m afraid I cannot work this fragrance out. It?s very fuzzy on me, like a television set in need of tuning.

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Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle Body Spray

Review by hersheyb: I like it, but I don't think it smells like Honeysuckle. It doesn't compare to the old Honeysuckle Mist that Victoria's Secret used to make. THat stuff was great!

Review by lorraine07: Got this along with the lotion and the body wash and do like it very much. It tends to be strong upon first spray, (stronger than my BBW Sheer Magnolia) but dies down to a nice floral. Nothing too exotic about it, just a lovely summery floral that I have been wanting for awhile. My new summer fragrance, thanks Marlea! :)

Review by LuiLui: I remember when I was a child(like three years ago) I always loved the smell of honeysuckles. This smells very good, just like em. I would definetly buy agian if this ever runs out. I keep sniffing it like every ten minutes

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