3 popular fragrance review

By Fiora

3 popular fragrance review,let's see how good they really are!


mark Karmala

Review by jlinh2u: This is a unique scent and I love the way it smells but it fades completely on me when I put it on. I wish this scent was a bit more intense and I would wear it everyday.
UPDATE**** I do wear this scent everyday now. I still wish it lasted a bit longer, but it is still my signature scent for the past 2 1/2 years. Yes I like it even more than the original Burberry!! It helps that I get a discount since I am a mark rep.

Review by Cordelia: I love this scent. It's perfect for fall... not too strong, yet not fruity and floral either. I just wish it didn't make me sneeze! But then again, all perfumes make me sneeze... so I'll keep wearing it anyway.

Review by catlover9_9: I love this scent so much that I went out and bought a couple extra bottles just in case Avon decides to discontinue it, like they have some of their other good perfumes. This scent is mainly like a musky, earthy, incensey fragrance with a warm vanilla sweetness to it. It is NOT super strong, which is great b/c it does not give me a headache to wear it. And the bottle is SO cute. Definitely one of the best mark. fragrances (along with Hollywood Pink). I LOVE Karmala!!

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Naturistics Sea Splash Cologne

Review by sleepyone: smells divine. Reminds me of Cornado island California and swimming in the pacific. i also love the Mountain Berry, which smells oh so good. Just wonder if they still make these scents anymore

Review by kit_kat68: Mmmmm, smells like fresh, clean hair on a summer's day. Only place to find it these days is eBay. I stocked up on this one as well as one of its sisters, Botanical. Can't figure out why they took these scents off the market. Damn!

Review by staci01: Found a small bottle of the fragrance oil on ebay. This stuff smells just as good as I remember from high school! I will love this until the day I die. I don't know how this little drugstore-cosmetic company put together a bunch of citrus fragrances and ended up with the most genuine beach smelling perfume of all time (no other high-end aquatic scent comes close). I really wish they'd bring it back!

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Aramis New West Skin Scent for Her

Review by joheinous: The only scent with a marine note that I love. It's so light, fresn, clean and unlike anything else I've ever tried. A co-worker of mine wore it and the minute the scent wafted by me, I was hooked and tore up the web looking for it. For the devotees of you (us) who must have it, you can find it on eBay and some Nordstrom's stores.

Review by Dimitra: It took me a while to write this review because I couldn't remember the name of it. It came to me while walking thru the mall today. Aahh...this was THE ONE for me back in the early 90's. My fondest memory was when one of my male co-workers commented on it and said I smelled like cucumber salad! It was a compliment because he actually thanked me for perking up his day. I just looked this one up and I can't believe it's still available; but very pricey for a dated scent. I may have to get some though for old times sake!

Review by Erin: I finally got this off an Ebay seller in the US, It is still as wonderful as ever!.
So happy to have it again, so fresh clean and watermelon like!.
It was well worth the money and wait of 10+ years to get my hands on my second bottle.

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