3 popular eyeshadow

By Monica

3 popular eyeshadow ,let's see how good they really are!


NARS South Pacific

Review by julie9536: I love these colors... I mix it with grey on the lid and this in the crease area, black eyeliner, and a little pink color. Everyone always makes comments on how beautiful my eyes look and how professional the color looks. This color combo is soo soo fun!

Review by peachy905: I find 30 to be a lot for eyeshadow, especially since I often only want one of the two colors in Nars duos, but both colors in South Pacific are sooooo pretty. Plus, the turquoise half is so vibrant and striking. I was worried the lighter blue half would be too much like the blue half of the Elsa duo (which comes out gray/white on me and makes me look like a dead person) but this blue stays looking blue. I've also had a problem with Nars e/s being too sheer, but south pacific doesn't seem to have that problem--although to be fair, I also just got UD primer potion, so that may have something to do with it. South Pacific is just gorgeous, that's all there is to it, and don't let the price tag scare you off!

Review by blueaygi: I love these colors! These are the best pigmented NARS shadows ever! The colors remind me of summer and a tropical place, and they make brown eyes stand out.

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Shu Uemura Eye Jelly- Gold

Review by zhenya: So I nearly panicked when I thought I had missed the boat on this...tracked down like, the last one in NYC and initially I loved it. Sheer gold, but buildable, but then I realized that these jellies felt dry to me...much like BB cream es. Also, I didn't love the noticable glitter...I'm too old for that crap :/ Swapped away.

Review by sleepyone: I initially used this product as a wash by itself, but on my cool/neutral PPP complexion, the pale gold color looked a bit off, and was too shimmery for my taste. However, when I layer it over brown or warm taupe eye shadows, it imparts just the right amount of shimmer and depth, giving the shadow a more complex look. Unlike some other reviewers, I didn't have any problems putting it on top of powder shadow, though I think it's probably best to pat on the Jelly, rather than sweeping it over the lid. I use my fingers with this; it gunked up my brushes a bit. I enjoy having it as a novelty item, but wouldn't repurchase.

Review by vengland: I bought this in Gold and Brown. Although they are called "jelly", they don't go on as a glob. They are shimmery, and can be used as highlighters or an all over wash. When I try layering, I have to wait for the first layer to dry, otherwise I get weird spots on my lid that don't have any product. Most of the product is water, so I'm paranoid about leave the cap off. The packaging is pretty, but for something that can evaporate easily, I wish the screw-on top would close easier.

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Sally Girl Sally Girl - City Scape

Review by mulhollanddrive: shimmery lavender with blue iridescence just like it states. a li'l more sheer than other Sally Girl e/s i've tried, but i still like it and think it has great texture and staying-power.

Review by jamelia: Very high quality for the price, and cute package, like Stila. Wet/dry formula. Shimmery and just plain gorgeous! I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supp, but had to ask for it, since they seem to hide them out! I want to try other colors now! Thank you Julie for the rec!!!

Review by cyndiinphilly: The Sally Girl eyeshadows are of remarkable quality for such and inexpensive cost, these are pigmented, smooth, silky and fairly long wearing. The packaging is cute and Stila-esque however it's cardboard so not very durable, however for 5 I can forgive that. This shade is, as groovynub described, a lavender/lilac with blue iridescence, I think it's absolutely gorgeous and one of my new favorite shadows, it really makes my brown eyes pop. Overall, a surprisingly good buy.

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